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Great Falls, Montana!

June 5, 2010

I gotta make this one quick because we’re heading out soon to go pray at an abortion clinic. We’re in Great Falls right now at Curt’s dad’s house. We are staying at a host family’s house about 20 minutes away, so we left from here after dinner last night and came back over this morning for a delicious french toast, sausage, and yummy eggs breakfast.

The place we’re staying is home to a very nice Baptist family and is located right on the Missouri River. Their names are Bonnie and Mike Mitchell and they have three boys who are apparently all into hunting! In their living room is mounted the head of en elk- it’s incredibly huge with antlers that are at least 2 and a half feet in length. In another room there is a stuffed mountain lion (!!!!) on a rock display thingy on the wall. They are both so scary and I hope I don’t see either of them while walking, especially at night! Bonnie works for an organization that helps women in pregnancy crisis situations (I believe it’s called LifeWay but I have to double check tonight). She shared with us an amazing story about a girl who was faced with an unplanned pregnancy. The girl had called a few months back and set up an appointment for what she thought would be an abortion, but she never showed up on the set date. She called about a week ago and the people at LifeWay had her come in yesterday. Again, she thought she was coming in for an abortion. While at LifeWay she was given facts about what her baby looked like and how it could function at the stage it was at. She was twenty weeks along, which is just 3 weeks shy of point at which a baby can live outside the womb. I have to leave but I will wrap up with saying that the girl ended up calling her boyfriend (who was outside in the car with their 4 year old daughter) and telling him that she couldn’t go through with it. She was the 47th woman who came through LifeWay and changed her mind about an abortion (they’ve only been open for 4 and a half years!).

Bonnie also had models that were the exact size and weight of babies at 12, 20, 24, and 30 weeks. It was incredibly moving to hold them, and it’s wild that with all of the technology now-a-days people still think that a fetus at 12 weeks looks like an “alien” or a “fish”. It looks like a new-born baby…only smaller.

OK I need a nap! Love all of yas 🙂

Mimi Ilardi
Northern Walk ’10

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