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First Blog for Southern Walkerzzzzz

June 5, 2010

We love Babies!

Erica's niece and nephew

We are in Arizona!!!!

Leah Sedelle here! It’s so exciting to cross into a new state! Not that we didn’t all love California but crossing into a new state means that we are just that much closer to Washington DC! Pheonix for the weekend!

So far we have had quite a few set backs. That Lucifer is really trying to keep us from our goal but we will prevail. Illnesses such as dehydration and summer colds. Blisters [lots and lots of blisters, including infected ones that Thomas likes to cut open], rashes from the sun and different brush on the sides of the roads, thorns, and much much more has been just a joy to deal with. But even though we have had to deal with all of this we are right on schedule, we almost made it to Pheonix this weekend [which is huge] but we were about 30 miles short. We will be there by Moday’s day shift though!

The group has all been getting along great, even though Thomas likes to make fun of Texas, but that’s only because he knows that Texans are tough and can take it!

The people that we encounter are the only reason that we are able to keep walking. When we run into a fellow pro-lifer at a gas station, or the post office, we truly understand what we are doing this for. We hear stories of lost pregnancies, miracle babies, and much much more that give us all the more inspiration to walk right through all those blisters and hot sun. We will all be fully aware of what the Lord can do by shining His grace on His children when this walk is over.

Please keep the prayers coming. We pray for all of you every day throughout the day. And please please please pray for all of those who were aborted today. They are now in the arms of our loving Lord looking down on us with genuine baby smiles [you know the ones I’m talking about].

We Love You All and God Bless,

Southern Walkerz

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  1. sue cann permalink
    June 18, 2010 6:06 am

    18/06/10 Greetings from Cairns QLD Australia! We are with you all in spirit. Please say Hi to our our good friend Fr Hilary who is walking with you. Prayers continue for all you walkers. May you keep well hydrated, well protected from the sun’s UV rays and infection and blister free. Rest as needed. Love and God Bless Sue, Lyn and Vito

    Walk With God
    Walk with God and TRUST His word,
    know your every PRAYER is heard…
    for showers to REFRESH your soul,
    and seeds of faith to make you WHOLE. Amen. Praise God!

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