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Top of the World

June 10, 2010

Leah Sedelle here again!

The southern walk was at the Top of the World earlier this week. Let me tell you it was beautiful! The night shift walked up a curvy moutain road to the top of the mountain and to the Top of the World Tuesday night.

There have been many hits at our group recently from the devil. We started walking in the wrong direction Monday day shift, and we walked 5 miles in the wrong direction before we realized it so that was a good hour and fifteen minutes out the window. But the important thing, is that after this fall we got up and kept walking. Tuesday Father David Nix, the newly ordained preist that joined our walk for this week [yeah that’s right two priest on one walk for the first time in Crossroads history] compared our walk to Jesus’ walk to Calvary. Boy did that put everything into perspective. Let’s just say I wasn’t complaining about my blisters and sore feet as much anymore.

The hits kept coming, but we kept rising up, not alone though, we all got through it with much prayer and love from someone who’s peeking down from upstairs. It’s been extremely hot this week as well [I would have said uber there but everyone makes fun of me when I say that here!]. Everyday has hit at least 100 degrees, we actually had one day at 120 degrees but we prevailed! Even the nights are hot. It’s cold when it drops below 90 at night here!

Times like this makes us, well me, wonder what the northern walk is going through. It’s also cool to wonder what the northern walk and central walk  are seeing like wildlife and vegetation wise. We have seen quail, roadrunners, jack rabbits, a deer, coyotes [not cool to see and hear when you are on night shift!], rattle snakes, other snakes, wild dogs and cats, and some very interesting bugs. We are surrounded by cacti and like plants that can thrive in sand and very little water, but then we hit oasises with grass and trees and flowers. There are some many interesting flowers that I have never seen before!

So Northern and Central walks here you go! We want to know what you’re seeing and all that! Let’s hear it!!

This challenge has been approved by Crossroads pro-life [not really but does it really need to be]

Peace, Love, and Jesus,

Zouthern Walkerz =]

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