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R.V. Fun

June 19, 2010

WIll Heckaman here! Southern walk has had an interesting week.We started out by finishing up Arizona and moving into New Mexico. We still hear coyotes and other wild canines, and we started seeing deer, elk, field mice(?), lots of cattle and horses. Cattle and horses love to stare (kinda creepy), but Sean got to perfect his cow call (even creepier). Our scenery went from desert to green(er) mountains.

On Tuesday, day shift didn’t go out because we needed to pick up our loved one, Erica, who left for home for a week, and our new walker, Anthony, in El Paso, TX. While Sean and Becca were doing that, I drove the others in the R.V. for almost 5 hours for a vertical jump back on to Highway 60. That was the most hilly and curvy drive I’ve ever done, and in the R.V. was actually pretty fun. We ended up staying in Pie Town, NM that night (we didn’t get any pie, though). This is how our scenery changed this week.

Anthony has added quite the energy to the group. He doesn’t seem to stop. We are very blessed to have him.

We continued the week in New Mexico, made another vertical jump down to highway 380, where we saw volcanic rock in the Valley of Fires near Carrizozo, NM. It was pretty sweet. The earth looked like it had been carved into. I thought that when day shift had seen “lava flow” they meant real lava, but alas, no, it meant where lava had flowed in the past. Still cool, though.

We ended the week yesterday with what was supposed to be a 4 and a half hour drive. I was driving again (this is making for some good experience, GOD BE PRAISED!!).  We passed through Roswell (we were all pretty disappointed, actually).  After about 3 hours into the drive, in Tatum, NM, the R.V. started shaking violently. We pulled over to check the oil, and sure enough, it was low(Praise God). Luckily, we had Anthony with us. He and I went to get some supplies. We went in the wrong direction at first, but we found the service station and the man working there was very nice. We bought some oil, and some transmission fluid. The guy even let us borrow a funnel and a dolley so we wouldn’t have to carry all the stuff the half-mile to the R.V. We also had a wonderful talk with another customer, Paul was his name, about what we were doing. Anthony filled the oil and the transmission, and we were on our way. We got into Lubbock, TX and hour and a half later, and we were welcomed with the wonderful southern hospitality. We got to play a few games of Ninja with their kids, as well as the game “Just Dance”. They are a lot of fun.

We love you all, and are praying for you guys. God bless and keep on truckin’ (walkin’)

The South

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