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Rapid City, SD

June 19, 2010

This weekend, we’re staying in Rapid City, SD with the Carroll family (the coolest people ever!). So far, the general consensus of the group is that we love South Dakota! The towns seem to be a bit more lively than the towns of Montana.

There is only one abortion facility in South Dakota, so we had no clinic to pray at this morning as we usually do on Saturdays. Instead, we got to go to Mt. Rushmore! We got lots and lots of good pictures, but I don’t have any off my camera yet. We all thought that Teddy Roosevelt got gypped because he is so much less visible than the other three presidents.

After Mt. Rushmore, we visited the cathedral for this diocese. It was beautiful. One of the original statues of Our Lady of Fatima was in the church for a few days, so we got to see her.

Finally, we went to speak at masses in a couple nearby towns. Deadwood, South Dakota was our favorite–they were having a town party with live music and lots of people! We had fun listening to the music and dancing goofily, and lots of people asked us the reason for our pro-life shirts. Barbara was asked her stance on cows, and she replied (with characteristic humor), “They’re tasty and good with potatoes on the side.” On a more serious note, someone asked me, “What would’ve happened if Jesus had been aborted?” Not knowing how to reply, I said that the world would’ve been a much worse place. It made me thankful again for the Incarnation.

–Amy French

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