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The Last Week of MT

June 19, 2010

Margaret and Amy looking from the rims over downtown billings

This week began with the Northern walk making its way through Billings, MT., my hometown. From the first time I interacted with crossroads in 2005 I have wanted to make the 5 mi walk that would take me over the rims and through the city of Billings, and after this year God has blessed me with that gift.

The walk continued, from Billings onto 212 and to Hardin where we stayed at a Maria’s house. Maria was a classmate of mine from high school and walked with crossroads in 2009. It was a wonderful experience to stay with their family. The hospitality of those we stay with never ceases to amaze me. And the exposure to Elk and Buffalo meat made the stay particularly meaningful to a number of my walkers.

The Mission at St. Librae aims at a proper sense of inculturation that maintains Catholic Identity while presenting it within the culture lense of the Native American's that the Mission ministers to.

From there our walk took us through the Indian reservations, with a stay in Ashland, at St. Librae mission. The Capuchin who was the pastor there was kind enough to offer us the use of his rectory for the night, along with saying 2 masses specifically for us.

Our week ended with us walking out of MT; it was with a bittersweet perspective that I walked past the leaving MT sign, knowing that I would not be back in “God’s Country” for the remainder of the summer.

-Curtis Seidel

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