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reflections from South Dakota

June 26, 2010

Due to the limited nature of the weeks internet connectivity my post will not be accompanied by pictures 😦 despite the fact that there are pictures a-plenty to be shared.

The week took us to the middle of nowhere. We began the week in Wyoming, which is quite a feet in and of itself as the Norther walk only has about 20 miles of Wyoming to walk through. It continued through the middle of South Dakota, which included about 60 miles of dirt road, towns that had a bar, store, and post office in the same building, and Catholic missions situated by themselves on the highway.

 I hope this does not come off as a negative, for infact I quite enjoyed much of the solitude that this stretch of the walk afforded.

This week also brought us to encounter a number of amazing thunderstorms that have fortunately not interupted our walk too much.

Finally, our walk this week brought us by the icon of the Northern Walk and dare I say crossroads as whole, that is, the Faith sign, I promise that pictures will follow when possible, but suffice it to say that my walk has done its own rendition of the picture I was fortunate enough to take part in 5 years ago.

well, there is more to say, but this shall do for now.

-Curtis Seidel

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