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Everything’s bigger in Texas

July 4, 2010

Leah Sedelle Chapman will be your commentator for the remainder if this blog. Please remember to keep all hands, feet, arms, and legs in the vehicle at all times. Please also note the nearest Emergency Exit in case of a fire, flood, or fire and flood! If you are sitting in an Emergency Exit row and do not feel comfortable with this responsibility, please let your attendant know and they will find you a different seat. In case of…..

Yeah we’re not going to go through all of that, but you all thought that I was didn’t you! See I got you there.

Dave will yell at me and not let me post blogs anymore if I don’t start talking about the walk so here goes:

Hello Texas

Go Longhorns!

We are finally in Texas and personally I am loving it! We are in Dallas [well really Irving, Texas] this weekend staying with one of the walker’s, Becca, family. There have been many interesting happenings since the last time we have posted a blog so I will try to keep you posted on all of them without making you fall asleep.

Say Gouda!

Lubbock Texas with the Wilkes Family

Two weeks ago we were in Lubbock, Texas staying with the Wilkes family and we had a blast. The kids were amazing and great fun, they even tried to adopt a few of us. I was all for it! The weekend was filled with World Cup, ping-pong, coloring, painting nails, coloring hair, and more laughs than I’ve ever had with complete strangers before in my life. And of course we cannot forget about playing Just Dance on the Wii! Fear not my friends video will explain in much greater detail than words ever could. . To Mr. Wilkes I have only one thing to say, “I’m a BEAST!” We are so grateful for their hospitality and letting us stay an extra night because we were having RV problems and didn’t feel comfortable driving the RV out into the middle of nowhere when it wasn’t quite ok to drive at all. We keep them in our prayers both in thanksgiving for God bringing them into our lives and ultimately our hearts. We also pray that they will stay safe and that their family with thrive from the graces that they receive for all that they do in God’s name.

That week we walked through the rest of Texas and finally got across the border to Texas on Friday. During the week we caught Erica laughing so hard she was crying multiple times. Sean also had me perform surgery on his foot to get a tiny little rock out of his heel. Found out two things that night; 1] Sean feet are very ticklish and 2] Becca and Erica do not like feet or my hands after they have touched feet. But nonetheless the rock is out. I hope.

Last weekend we were in a house to ourselves so it was great to be able to sit and just hang out with the team without having to worry about transition times and getting on the road. We played Apples to Apples, and Becca won even though she wasn’t paying attention most of the time. A.R.G.H.! Then we transitioned into Taboo. This didn’t last long because everyone was very tired. But don’t worry I’m sure that it will turn up again soon and the game will prevail over sleep this time. After masses on Saturday we were invited out to eat at an Asian grill, Bonzai, by a lovely young woman named Carmen. These are personally my favorite times when we don’t have to worry about getting in the miles and we can just sit and listen to people stories and hear what they love to do and places they love to see. I don’t know that’s just me, Leah Sedelle, get used to it! =] The food was amazing and the company was even better! Before we headed out to walk again on Sunday night we had ourselves a little photo shoot. I’ll give you a little background so you don’t think that we are completely crazy!

Our Street Clothes

Here we are showing our true colors!

"The Mona Lisa"

Our boys are very "tender"

More manly than the Men!

Don't you wish your girl walkers we Hot like us!

When we were in Lubbock praying at the abortion clinic there was a garage sale at a church across the street from where we were. We had to go of course. We found many a treasures and decided that everyone needed a new outfit. So most of the guys got their wonderful dresses and the girls got the hippest clothes on the block! Well only if it were a very badly dressed block!!! The photo shoot was so much fun. We had to ask one of the neighbor across the street from the house that we were staying at to take the picture so that we could all be in it. Needless to say he was laughing at us the entire time so if the pictures are a little blurry it’s because he was laughing. But I’ll let you all have a look for yourselves.

This last week of walking was pretty eventful! Sean surprised me and the rest of the team with a soccer ball! YES, Finally! So Tim and I have been playing soccer a lot, mostly just headers because there isn’t much room for much else and we’ve been playing with flip-flops on so you can’t do much without proper shoes. Sadly though our beloved United States is out of the World Cup. Landon my dear we understand that you played to the best of your ability, and we don’t blame you. We do however blame those meanie faced officials that called our goals offsides when they clearly weren’t. But everyone makes mistakes and fear not I will pray for their souls! =] [If you haven’t realized Landon Donovan is by far the greatest soccer player of all time, Yeah I said it Alexi  you are good too but Landon just raises the bar a little more! Pele I hear you crying, you’re old news buddy! Just kidding love you all]

Sorry about the little tangent there it’s all out now! We discovered new ways to annoy each other and gross each other out. The new favorite is to eat cherries and then spit the pits at each other. Once you get good they are actually really good ammo. Just ask Amber. She got one in the face when she was getting ready for bed! Love you Amber! Hope your eye heals so that you can see again this week, maybe? Don’t worry Amber’s friends and family, I didn’t actually hit her in the face, but I almost did! This week we have walked through rain or at least light rain every day.

First rain of the Southern Walk

Catching raindrops in the middle of the street

Yesterday it started to pour while Erica and Amber were walking. I got out to get myself a good hearty PB&J, but when I opened the trunk of the van, or the “boot” as Tim calls it, the entire cooler fell out onto the rainy highway shoulder. It opened of course and my bread fell onto the should as well OF COURSE! It was all soggy now and I had no desire to eat it so I decided to throw it at the girls. This swiftly turned into a soggy bread fight and the three of us girls ended up with soggy bread crumbs? all over in our hair, on our shirts, all over our arms and legs. I had fun though and we laughed so hard I thought one of us was going to fall over onto the highway from laughter. Yes Erica was crying again from laughing so hard.

Today was interesting already and it’s not even 3:00. On our way back from praying at the abortion clinic in downtown Dallas we were witnesses to an accident. A car flipped over into a ditch. Luckily the girl in it got out with only minor scrapes and cuts. God is so good.

Now I must go eat chicken tortillas! I’m starved!!!!!!

Thank you all for reading and God Bless

Peace, Love, and Jesus =]

We ❤ babies!

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  1. Emily Tripp permalink
    July 5, 2010 3:32 pm

    Following your blog ! So glad I can read up on the action! Hope to see you all in DC! Can’t wait! Take care and watch over my baby sis ❤

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