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Let’s Meet: Becca Lowery [Tex]

July 10, 2010

Becca Lowrey

Becca Lowrey

Becca Lowry was given the name Tex by Thomas Linton, a recent high school grad who walked with us for only a few weeks before he had to leave for basic training for the Army, which he will hopefully be returning from soon to walk with us again.

But anyway! About Becca. She is from Irving, Texas and her family is amazing! We stayed with them last weekend. Not a natural red head but beautiful anyway she wears it, Becca loves to tell stories of how she hated being a Texan until she recently lived in New York for a year going to school at The Kings College, in The Empire State Building. She now loves Texas more than any other state and is a hard core, which I just took  from her mouth as she spoke them to our host families as I was typing it. Her love of “old” country music and organic farming makes her seem even more like a true Texas, and as the summer continues and as we got closer and closer to Texas her accent came out more and more!

Becca likes to tell people that she is an introvert, but we all know that she is for sure an extrovert, she is one of the loudest people on the walk. Well that might just be because we  can make her laugh at the drop of the hat and it’s a beautifully loud laugh that makes all those around her laugh as well.

Becca’s interests include being AWESOME! and backpacking. Ask her about her five fingered shoes!!!

One of my favorite memories of Becca is well almost every moment that I spend with her. I really cannot pick just one memory because they are all simply so wonderful because she is simply so wonderful! ❤ you cowgirl!

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