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Let’s Meet: Father Hilary Flinn

July 10, 2010
Father Hilary

Father Hilary

Yes we Crossroads Pro-Life Southern Walk 2010 have decided to post profiles of all of our walkers for you all to get to know us better. [well I Leah Sedelle Chapman have decided]

The first on the list is Father Hilary Flinn:

Father Hilary is our seventy year old priest. He was on the first walk from San Francisco to DC. He also walked protions of the other walks twice in years past. Father Hilary took a three month sebatical from his parish in Australia. Yeah, that’s right, he’s from Australia with the accent and all! My favorite thing about Father is that he is always blessing people and things. He blesses me a lot when I say goofy things and very ridiculous things. If you complain about blisters, Father is right there to bless your feet. Complain about being tired; sure enough you can plan on Father making his way across the packed RV to bless your head. Say something silly and Father will for sure be there to bless you! Yes I know from much experience.

I’ve never before met a priest that takes such joy in such simple things. His homilies are filled with teaching and challenging. Sometimes he is so sublte in his teaching that I don’t ever realize that I learned anything until I bring it up to someone on the team later and they mention that they heard that earlier that morning in Father’s homily. He truly brings a blessing to the group and we will all miss him dearly when he has to return home in 2.5 weeks to say a wedding in Australia.

Funniest thing about Father Hilary is by far his facial expressions. You can always plan on being able to tell when you are being goofy because Father will give you a really great look of, are you really acting like this right now. And essentialy it just makes you laugh so much you start rolling on the floor, or crying in Erica’s case.

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  1. Bill & Colleen Pasnik permalink
    July 11, 2010 7:26 am

    Leah, great idea to post “Meet the Walkers!” They are hilarious summaries – you write just like you talk! Keep posting more!

    It was great to meet the Northern walkers at the potluck at DCRTL last week. The only negative was that YOU weren’t with them! I kept hearing reports on Friday: “Colleen, there were these young people at Mass this morning at the Cathedral. Do you know about them? They have PRO-LIFE written in big letters on their t-shirts.” “Colleen, some of the Crossroads walkers picketed with us in front of Planned Parenthood! Then they were going to check out the Power of Prayer.” You know how it is, Leah – you can’t get away with ANYTHING in Dubuque without people finding out! Late Friday afternoon we gave them Fruity Pebbles, pudding cups, grapes and tomatoes. They were VERY excited!

    We love you and are proud of you for doing this. We’re praying for you every day & want to hear ALL the details when you get back!

    Keep your eyes on Christ,

  2. sue cann permalink
    July 12, 2010 12:42 am

    Fr Hilary I just love the dress and Leah was right about your facial expressions. (Do you think Cairns Diocesan News might use this photo shot for a Pro-Life article?) We all love you to bits though. We have all been missing you dearly too. Just keep those blessings going as you walk the walk. God is with you, Father, Son, Holy Spirit, Mary and all the saints plus your spiritual friends from Down Under.

    I’ve just returned from an awesomely Godsome time @ Pray 2010. Philomene, Rob and many others say hello. (They and many other received the last Southern Walkers Crossroads blog I sent them)

    One more bit of news which I just can’t keep secret any longer. RHIANNON AND LUKE HAVE JUST GOT ENGAGED!!!! They want you to prepare them for and be celebrant for their wedding in July 2011 (Put it in your dairy) Praise God! Now the world knows but that’s good.

    Love and blessing to you and all the walkers. Sue

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