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Let’s Meet: Sean Norris [walk leader]

July 10, 2010

Sean Norris

Sean Norris

Sean Norris, better known as Seany Baby, Cheif Master, or Gigantor! Sean is our walk leader and God has given him so many graces this summer for putting up with our team, specifically Erica and ME! He has one year left at Franciscan University of Steubenville and we all think that they will be sad to see him go, but only because they won’t have anyone to sing them lullabies to sleep like they have now. Yes that’s right Sean likes to sing us to sleep. He also likes to sing when we walk, and when we drive, and when we eat. At this moment he is trying to teach Erica how to play a song on the guitar. Let’s just say it’s going interestingly. Actually I’m not close enough to really hear how it is going but from what I can hear it sounds like it’s going ok.

Sean leadership skills have come out more than he ever thought possible this summer because if they didn’t our team would be a lot worse off. He likes to pull the I’m bigger than you card, no not really but he has threatened to sit on me a few times. But really Sean is a big teddy bear. We can make him do most anything we want so long as we are all against him, but if anyone decides to be on his side we lose. Normally it’s Tim on his side.

Sean’s favorite word: prudent. I have heard him say it at least thirty times this week and it’s gone down a lot since the beginning of the summer.

Favorite memory of Sean: Friday of our first week, Sean and I were walking together and we wanted to see how fast we could walk the second mile of our two miles, so I speed walked while Sean jogged along side me and we got an 11 minute mile! LEGIT!!!

We all hope that Sean will keep his sanity through the rest of the walk, but let’s admit it, we wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t! If you disagree with me, than you don’t know my team!!! =]

We ❤ you Seany Baby!

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