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Mississippi Mud!

July 20, 2010

Mississippi Mud used to be, and still very might be my favorite kind of brownie. My favorite part was drizzling the caramel on top and running it through the brownie batter to make a cool design on top. Then my most favorite part was eating them!

Leah Sedelle Here:

Yeah we walked through Louisiana, in less than a week! It was awesome. And now we’re already through Alabama! It only took us four shifts!! Now we are in Alabama and very excited for the weeks to come. But let’s recap before we look ahead.

Night shift with Matt, Mikki, and Mary Sciba

Shreveport was wonderful. Matt, Mikki, and Mary Sciba were wonderful. I think that adoption is the most beautiful form of pro-life out there. Two months ago they adopted beautiful little Mary Alexis Sciba! She is the most well mannered baby I have ever seen! I think she maybe cried once the entire time that I was there! Interesting Fact: Matt walked the Central walk some years ago and the year after, Mikki walked the Southern Walk! How awesome is that! Our extended Crossroads Family! It was great to exchange stories and learn that all walks have their troubles, and their crazy stories and that they are still fun to tell and remember years after you’ve finished you walk!

Chuck and his wife with Team

I spoke at St. Jude’s Catholic Church that weekend which was my first time speaking alone at an English Mass. The previous weekends I’ve only spoken at Spanish Masses and a few Masses giving the talk with one or two other people. It went pretty well but I’m a rambler so I’m not all that sure how well it went. The mass that I spoke at was the evening youth mass, but we also had two masses earlier that day! As those of you who are awesome know, the final game for the world cup was Sundy afternoon. A wonderful parishoner named Chuck invited us to his house to watch the game with him. So we were blessed to meet not only his wife and son, but his son’s fiancee, his parents, and his wife’s parents. Turned out it was his son’s birthday and they were having a birthday meal! They were so welcoming and the chicken fried steak was spectacular! I’ve never had better [actually I don’t think I’ve ever had chicken fried steak before!] Then the game was awesome! Spain won, and it truly was a good game. Well after the first 90 minutes and the first overtime. The second overtime though, it was awesome!

Back to Mass and time with the youth. Yes, I’ll admit this was more enjoyable than watching Spain and the Netherlands run up and down the field without really doing anyting about the goose egg score looming over their heads! The youth were great. They listened to a bunch of fun stories and sounded really excitied about the next evening when they planned on walking with us for a few miles. So yes, St. Jude’s youth group walked with us for three miles and then we all went out for pizza. Actually there are a few youth that we are hoping will join us for the last few weeks of the summer! Keep them in your prayers!

Then of course, we had an interesting week of walking as we always do. But being on night shift, I was asleep or at least half asleep the whole week so I don’t remember much! What I do remember though is that Friday morning Amber told us that she had to leave us and go home to be with her family. Please keep her in your prayers, as well as her family. She left us Sunday afternoon and we all miss her dearly already!

All of us in a 27ft RV

Last weekend we were hosted in Vicksburg, Mississippi and we had masses in Vicksburg and Jackson. ”I’m going to Jackson” was sung multiple times lasy weekend and the week before. Again we were treated wonderfully and it was sad to leave them as it is every weekend. If I had one wish I would wish that all of the people that have ever walked with us and all of the wonderful people that have been so generous to us would magically appear in Washington D.C. to celebrate the end of the walk and the wonderful graces that God has blessed us with.


We are looking forward to a lot a exciement in the next week or so. This weekend Father Hilary will sadly be leaving us to head back home to Austrlia for a wedding. But we will attempt to fill his presence with three new walkers. A friend of Tim’s from Ireland, Hugh, will be joining us for the rest of the walk. A girl from Birmingham will also be walking with us for the rest of the summer. I’m not sure what her name is, sorry. Also, we are very excited to have Thomas Linton rejoining us for a week. Thomas was with us for the first few weeks and had to leave for the army. He will only be with us for a week though because he is being deployed. I think that’s what he said. Please remember all of our future walkers and our past walkers in your prayers. We will all be praying for Father Hilary’s safe travels home.

Southern Caterpillar!

Another great excitement coming up is that we will be visiting Mother Angelica’s this coming Monday and we have an interview with EWTN that Thursday!

Well that’s about it for now!

May God Bless you and Yours

Peace, Love and Jesus!

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    July 20, 2010 3:33 pm

    PS I’ll do more profiles later!

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