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Antlers and Pirate Jokes

July 2, 2011

Well, it’s been a while since one of us posted, and the task now falls to me. We were welcomed into Oklahoma City this weekend by smiling faces and some blessed humidity. Most people claim that dry heat is much more bearable, but those of us used to humidity prefer water to dust and sand in the air.

It was a week of challenges and blessings (then again, what week isn’t like that?) The challenges included some intense heat (above 100 every day, barely dropping below 80 even at night) and the age-old spiritual attacks that seem personalized to each walker. But we make it through by finding things to keep ourselves laughing. For example, Jared found some antlers on the side of the road during the night shift, and decided to bring them along for protection against roadkill and other harmless predators. There are few things more hilarious than seeing him put in his miles while carrying antlers like a claw to fight off imaginary monsters in the night. We also thought about tying the antlers to the front of the RV… But enough about those.

Our host families this weekend are wonderful! Right now, we’re hanging out witht a family of 5 kids all under the age 13. These are some of the coolest kids we’ve met so far. We just came in from kicking around a soccor ball, and now we’re playing hangman while munching on watermelon. These are the things that keep me going when it gets tough.

To end on a more serious note, we got one more lesson in Romans 8:28 on Friday. A noon mass we were planning on attending got moved, which forced us to find a mass in Oklahoma City in the evening. We found one at 5:30 at St. John the Baptist Parish, and made it in plenty of time to celebrate the Feast of the Sacred Heart. At the end of mass, the priest began an anointing of the sick, which unbeknownst to us is a First Friday tradition at St. John’s. Everyone in attendance was able to recieve an anointing. I guess Jesus, out of the the tenderness of His Sacred Heart, wanted to heal our exhausted, broken bodies and spirits and remind us that we are walking so He can heal our nation.

Peace and Blessings,

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  1. July 3, 2011 6:45 pm

    We love seeing your posts! Keep up the great work for LIFE.

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