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Halfway There!

July 5, 2011

07-05-2011  Henderson, NE


Well, it’s now the seventh week of Crossroads! The usual question to ask would be “where has all the time gone!?” but it has actually felt like it’s been that long.  But I guess looking back on the past six or so weeks, we have really accomplished a lot.  We are half way across America! When we look at a map and see all the miles we have covered it almost seems unreal that we have actually WALKED that much!

We have been so incredibly blessed thus far on our journey! It is sometimes really hard to look at our blessings when it seems that our sacrifices are way too overpowering.  But looking at our blessings, we know that we are being watched over.  For example, sometimes when we are really hungry after a long shift we get an offer to be taken out to dinner or breakfast and it totally makes our day. God definitely provides for us on this walk….especially with food :).  Actually, we just got a call from a priest that wants to buy us pizza tonight! There is one thing for sure, we never go hungry!

Beginning of the Rockies

We are supported by so many people everywhere! It is amazing! America is Pro-Life!

Another blessing that is just amazing to witness is all the fireflies that make the night scenery glisten while on night shift.  Sometimes it gets kind of boring having nothing to look at while walking at night, but being able to see God’s beautiful sparkling fireflies on the horizon is an amazing blessing.

And as for the sacrifices… I’ll just name a few.  For one, the mosquitoes here in Nebraska are little killers! I’m pretty sure they made a mistake when naming their state bird. We get eaten up alive almost every morning when the sun comes up and then for day shift, when the sun goes down.  It is the worst feeling when all of your limbs are itchy and irritated by pesky bugs when you are trying to walk and make it in decent time! It is definitely one thing that we offer up.

Sunset in North Platte, NE

I also have some personal sacrifices that I’ve had to offer up. For one, I love going to the rodeo in June in my hometown in Reno.  I go almost every year, except of course, this summer. Last week in North Platte I was able to ride the family’s horse! That was definitely a blessing by God because he could see my withdrawals to the rodeo and riding :).  Also, for us girls on the walk, we are all continually having to offer up the fact that we can’t wear “normal” clothes for the summertime.  Don’t get me wrong, we love wearing our PRO LIFE t-shirts but we would also love to wear a summer dress or just fancy up for a bit.

Yesterday for the Fourth of July we got to take some time off and cook some STEAKS and shoot off fireworks! It was really exciting being able to do our own fireworks because in Reno they are definitely illegal. On Sunday night we were also blessed to be invited to a parishioner’s family BBQ/party celebrating the Fourth with a ton of fireworks and delicious food.  It was a great time!

Well, I need to go eat some pizza for now, but thank you to everyone who is supporting and praying for us! We are definitely keeping you all in our prayers!

Becky Frybarger

Horseback riding on the farm in North Platte, NE

Central Walk 2011

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  1. Peggy Orr permalink
    July 8, 2011 12:43 pm

    You guys are certainly having a memorable summer. It is fun seeing Nebraska… the good life… on your blog! Greetings from North Platte! We are sure the mosquitoes have multiplied exponentially by now! Becky, what a unique Pro-Vida display!
    It is always such a joy to host the walkers every year. Please remember that the welcome mat is always out even after you retire from Crossroads.
    Mrs. Orr

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