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Central Walk

June 5, 2012

So life on the central walk has been rather chaotic, slightly exhausting, and completely enjoyable. For the past few weeks we have had to see some walkers go home, but we have also gained a lot of new ones. It can be upsetting when people have to leave, but it gives us the opportunity to gain more walkers, and spread the Pro-Life message to more people in more areas. Unfortunately three of our walkers had to return home after a car accident on Thursday morning, but they are all recovering well. Although the accident left everyone a little shaken, it couldn’t have happened to a better prepared group of people. I was amazed to see how calm everyone was, and very glad I was with a group of people who were just as eager to start praying rosaries as I was. The directors flew out immediately and by Saturday night the team was in Reno, prepared to speak at masses.

Since then the trip has been much less eventful (thankfully) , but we’ve been spending the rest of the time adjusting to Crossroads life, which is an adventure in itself. This is my third week on night shift, through that I have come to realize that everything is funnier at four in the morning. When we tell our stories the next day day shift tends to think we’re a little crazy, but hey, it gets us through the night. We’ve also had the luck to get snowed on, twice! Though only those of us from the South think it’s luck, those that are used to snow or have to walk in it, don’t seem quite as optimistic about it.

One of the best things I have experienced about Crossroads so far is the wonderful families who host us on weekends. People are so eager to open up their houses to us, that it’s truly a humbling experience. When we stay with host families I am able to see an example of a household truly filled with God’s love and Jesus’ example. Speaking at masses, though exhausting, is also really encouraging. It’s really inspiring to see how many people are touched by your message. Not only are people eager to add their intentions to our prayer book, they are also eager to pray for us. That is honestly my favorite part, knowing how many people are affected by prayer through Crossroads.

Crossroads is much more of a spiritual battle than I think any of us anticipated it would be. Especially when we’re walking through the desert at night, it can be very easy to forget why you’re walking. When I get really tired I can almost feel the devil trying to redirect my thoughts. The good thing about this is that we are also learning how to battle the devil. When we pray or offer up our sufferings to God I truly feel like I’m bringing about some hope in this world. When I get really beaten down there’s a quote I like to remember to bring back my determination.

” You will Not silence my message. You will Not mock my God. You will Stop killing my generation.”

Thanks for reading, God bless!

Lindsay Miller

Central Walk’12

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  1. Gloria M. Culy permalink
    June 5, 2012 10:32 pm

    Thanks for finding the time to write 🙂 Keep up the battle the devil has already lost remember 🙂 I love your quote! God bless you all and we are all praying for you! Lots of love and prayers!

    Sister in Christ, Gloria from California

  2. Jessica permalink
    June 9, 2012 12:15 am

    Aahhhhh snow!!!!! 😀 ok so, i was born and raised in south Florida, so I can TOTALLY understand your excitement. I saw snow for the first time on crossroads!!! It was probably on the ground for a day or so, but that counts. I was absolutely ecstatic. :))
    That quite is awesome too!

    Love and prayers,

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