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A New Perspective on the Road

June 13, 2012

Walking along so many highways, especially at night, gives one a new appreciation for traffic and road design.

  • Broad shoulders: good, very good!  If you think broad shoulders are nice for driving, it is nothing compared to how good they are for walking!  It is not fun to have to get off the road and into the gravel when a car comes by.
  • Sidewalks: too good, decadent really.  We are trying to do some sacrifice here, what is with this private pedestrian road-thing?  Honestly I think sidewalks are a symbol of American excess, I bet they are a result of concrete subsidies.  Fortunately we don’t get sidewalks very often.
  • Cars: really loud!  You don’t notice how loud they are when you are inside them but, when you have to walk past it, even a single lane of traffic is almost defining.  I suppose there is extra merit it praying your Rosary when you can barely hear yourself.
  • Banking: hard on the hips. I am not talking about saving your money for later, I mean how they tilt the road around turns.  It makes it easier to drive, but walking on a tilted surface makes your hips sore on one side.  The slope they give to the road for rain runoff can cause the same problem.
  • Empty roads: contemplative.  By definition you can never quite experience this when you drive.  There is something lovely about the empty road, especially at night when you can see the stars.
  • Friendly Honks: they keep us going, and going, and going…  It is remarkable how much a little encouragement can help.  Do remember to honk or wave whenever you see someone publicly standing up for the Truth.
  • Mile Markers: does anyone even use these when driving?  I sure don’t remember ever seeing a driver look out for them.  They make good goals when you are jogging or running to make up time.

All flippancy aside, the thing that makes all road and traffic conditions bearable is the support of good people like you.  Please know that we keep safe no mater how narrow and sloped the shoulders.

Andrew Moore
Central Walk ’12

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