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Back On The Road Again

June 18, 2012

Today I joined back up with Crossroads. I have missed it so much these past two weeks when I’ve been home in bed, sick from a virus I picked up flying to Seattle. Crossroads,  Crossroads, Crossroads.

We are in South Dakota now. We are on the western side of the state where it is all the hills like in eastern Montana. It is really pretty but also really hot. It could be worse and at least today we are at a campground so we can turn on the air conditioner because that sure helps. It makes the air in the RV a bit drier also which means more water for me.

I am on day shift this week and I’ll begin walking tomorrow. My arrival today was not in time to start walking sadly.

Being home for the past two weeks made me realize what I have all learned from being on Crossroads:
– Shoulders are nice, very nice and rather glorious. Driving at home, I am now noticing how wide (or narrow) the shoulders are.
– Appreciation of large rooms/spaces. Living in an RV (and it is not the largest or the smallest), causes me to now notice the sizes of rooms. Being home I was able to appreciate the size of out home for four people when we fit ten in something only a fraction of the size.
– Real plates. Being in an RV with ten people means we need quite a bit of room for food. The space the food is in are the spaces other people might use to store, say, real plates and such. Paper plates allow for easier clean-up and less dishes so that is what we use. It us, however, nice to use real plates every once in a while.
– Dishwashers. Being home I used the dishwasher lot. We tend to use only dishwasherable items at home which is quite a bit different from Crossroads. I really now appreciate the dishwasher at home.

We will keep on walking and we’ll be praying for you.

God Bless!

Northern Walk 2012

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  1. Philly Host Family permalink
    June 27, 2012 2:51 pm

    Glad you are back and SUPER glad you did not have Mono! I have experienced that and hope nobody else ever has to expereince it. Two years ago the Northern Walkers called the RV the “Boat”. Because everything smelled like it was on a boat. Last year my wife would not let the walkers leave until they cleaned all their dishes that were sitting in their sink all weekend. *laughing* You are experiencing lots of things you will never forget and some I am sure you hope you will forget. God bless all of you! The Pro-Life army thanks you!

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