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A Southern-Walk Update, and An Introduction!

June 23, 2012
Hey y’all, my name is Devaney Pendleton and I’m from Riverside, California. I joined Crossroads two weeks ago with my brother Michael, and let me tell you it has been quite the adventure. We met up with the team in Las Cruces, New Mexico, and the day we arrived is the day that our RV broke down and was sent to the shop. There it has remained and there it may stay. According to the team, without the RV it’s been hectic. I wouldn’t really know since I have not yet experienced the “Majestic” (the name of the RV) with the exception of climbing through the window to unlock the door in order to retrieve our belongings. Previous to the RV breaking down we’ve experienced a flat tire, and after the RV yet another flat. As you can see we definitely could use your prayers. This trip is challenging all of us physically, spiritually, and mentally, but it’s one of the most exciting times of my life and even through the trials we are still going strong.
We have made it to Texas and God is truly providing for us through the hands and feet of his people. We’ve met so many great people on our journey and it’s truly beautiful to see how much they care for the sanctity of life. Back at home, I often hear terrible stories of how people hurt one another left and right, and it can be a bit discouraging at times. I sometimes would lose faith in the world and see mostly the bad in others. In just two weeks, Crossroads has shown me that there is so much beauty and goodness in people that I never expected to see. From the host families who give us food and shelter out of the kindness of their hearts, to simply the kind words from the parishioners and strangers who we meet on the streets, I have learned that there is much more good in this world than bad and it’s truly a breath of fresh air. It’s also very surprising to see that there are more people who are pro life than pro choice. Yes, we do have the crazies who swerve at some of the walkers to scare us off the road, and those who flip the finger from time to time. But there are many more friendly honks, waves, and smiles that we get from those we are witnessing to, and that makes all the difference.
Another great thing about Crossroads is that I get to experience star gazing every night and watching the sunrise every morning, which is amazing! Back at home life can get so busy that I often forget to stop and smell the roses, and Crossroads allows us to do just that. This trip is a once in a life time opportunity and I’m thankful that I get to spend my summer on this walk.
PS- Here are some photos from the last few weeks of the walk! God bless!
Devaney PendletonImage
Meet me and my brother, Michael (and a bull snake)!
Crossing into New Mexico!
Flat tire, number 1 of 2.
We had to get pie in Pie Town, NM, of course!
When we lost the RV 😦
One big happy family 🙂
Beautiful sunrise!


Sometimes things get a little out of hand…

Yet another beautiful sunrise.


Alien sighting when we passed through Roswell, NM!


Finally in the great state of Texas!


Keelan and Eddie!

The things you see out in the middle of nowhere.
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  1. Gloria M. Culy permalink
    June 23, 2012 11:16 am

    We are praying and fasting for you all here in Roseville CA 🙂 God bless you all and thank you so much for the blog, it makes me proud to know so many young people are pro life and are out there to show their love by their sacrifice -God bless you all!

  2. Bernadette Pendleton permalink
    June 23, 2012 5:36 pm

    Yeah!! I was excited to read Southern Walks blog. I’m so proud of my kids, Devaney & Michael, and all the Pro-Life walkers. Please try to post pics & blog weekly if possible. I enjoy reading all the blogs and following along with the Crossroads Pro-life walk. I think the Northern Walk is way ahead with pics & blog updates. I’ve enjoyed following their journey. Come on Devaney & Michael…..I know how you love good clean competition. Pass this on to your team. Love, Hugs & Blessings! Mom

  3. Kathleen permalink
    July 20, 2012 2:17 pm

    Hi Devaney and Michael. I’m so proud of both of you! Be assured of my daily prayers. I love you tenderly!
    Auntie Kathleen

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