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Brother Pio Monstrates the Final End Cause. I.E. That for the Sake of Which He was Created.

May 24, 2013


My name is Brother Pio.

Before I came to the walk I found out a month earlier that I was a victim of a communist regime in Romania, and an abortion survivor.

When I first found this out I was very afraid because I didn’t know if people would like me very much. So, I felt in my heart that I should walk Crossroads for the summer.

I guess you can say I had a little dose of humility when I arrived at Crossroads in San Francisco this summer. I was so confident in myself that I could walk the whole summer and walk twenty miles a day.

I was kind of bragging it to everyone on my team that I was going to do this and that I had goals. But tt wasn’t until after the first day of walking that I walked 7.5 miles and then came back to the RV and both my feet were swollen. I had sharp pain in them. Then it was suggested that I go to the ER. And then later finding out that I could walk no more for the remainder of the summer. And so I guess the moral of this lesson to all those who think that they…Nevermind…

I’m trying to say that I guess I thought that I could do everything my way.

But in reality our ways is not God’s ways.

That is why Jesus Christ had to die to himself and learn obedience humanly, to experience life as a human did.

Just like when I found out that I was an abortion survivor, and a holocaust survivor. I was born in Bucharest, Romania. It was under a communist regime, and I was rejected from conception by my father, and advised my mother to get rid of me. But, I was born on March 28th in 1988 in a small hospital in Romania. Right after birth I was expediently placed in a high population orphanage of seventy five to eighty children. And there were not enough staff there to maintain the orphanage because of the regime and our communist leader Nicolae Ceaușescu????

The consequences of that is that I was confined to what is called an ‘Iron Crib’ (Which they say was painted with lead… I remember just lying down as a baby and just staring at my nose all day…That’s why I have crossed eyes and am somewhat legally blind…We never learned to look at other people in the eyes..due to the lack of contact..enough here). For three years never taken out to play or socialize with other children because there was not enough staff to do so. Because of that parts of my brain never functioned. I was never held, nor touched, nor did I play with a toy, etc., etc.

Because of this, families would not want to adopt me. And because of that, they marked on my files ‘mentally”retarded.’ And they were going to stick me into an asylum, to put me to death. But thankfully my family from Minnesota flew over and when they saw me confined me to the crib. They wanted to adopt me. So then I was adopted before I was taken to the asylum, in which they were wanting to put me to death.


Bro. Pio (Michael Latawiec)

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  1. Theresa permalink
    May 24, 2013 7:46 pm

    Thank you for being brave enough to share your story. May God bless the path you are on. Prayers for you during this time of discernment.

  2. Laura smith permalink
    June 3, 2013 1:17 am

    I am in awe of your story Brother Pio and am so proud to be your prayer warrior! I would love to meet yOu someday in person to thank you personally for your sacrifices and humility to save the lives of the helpless unborn. You are a hero to me and my family but mostly to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! May our blessed Mother hold you tight in her arms. Laura Smith

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