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Caleb L

May 29, 2013


Boom..Boom..Boom! Rang the death toll, as we communed with our Lord on our first day of Mass. The Homily was on point in the way that Crossroads would need it for the first day of training. As we received communion, it was as though we were ready to embrace our spiritual passing, in the way we knew would be present during this walk across this nation. We are Pro-Life babies, and it Hurts.

Day 3

I knew this day would be the summer that I fully met Jesus. In a way I knew not before.

Day Five

I was at the point of Elevation…

Knew that it was the Upper Room with our Lord, Receiving Communion with our Master during the last supper. That we had a spiritual communion with our Messiah from the Upper Room. That is a first in my life. To be truly present with our Messiah.

We encounter love in a daily manner, with our Lord. He is the Messiah, He is the God.

We love people that are met.

Hoping that we can love/die to ourselves/ in the manner that our God has evidenced.

God is good. And so much better than ourselves. He has a love for us that passes all understanding.

Please pray for us as we continue to walk.

God bless, and please lift up our people in this walk. That we may continue to grow and be In Christ. To fathom love in the manner in which we are given it. God is good.


We are here to sacrifice. It is encountered everyday. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. John said if we don’t love our brother then we do not have the love of God in us, and we are a liar. Continue to encounter the God who has our back.

The point to being Pro-Life is not to just end abortion. It is to living in a manner that affirms loving in a manner that loves in a manner like God love.

God is all powerful and existent. He contains all things that are good. From this goodness God has eternally willed the being of his Son, which has in return willed to love in that way which he has seen his Father willed. God the Holy Spirit has arisen from this mutual exchange. Thus God is Full being. When God created us he has given us the will to freely return the love of God or not.

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