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Sacrificing for the Unborn

May 30, 2013

Laura Shurtliff

Today I have really been forced to think about the sacrificing aspect of the walk. What does it really mean to sacrifice? Does sacrificing simply involve giving up something that you really want like that last cookie or a bed to yourself…and believe me, sleep is a big deal around here. Some people even have to sleep on the ground. And yet, these are probably some of the smallest sacrifices a person can make on a walk across the country. The reason I say this is because these are sacrifices we are prepared to make every day. No one ever promised any of us comfort or treats on this walk. In fact, we all knew before we set off on this journey that we were going to be crowded, and that we would be asked to make sacrifices.
We are now in the middle of our second week of walking, and I believe that the hardest sacrifices we have to make and the worst sufferings we have to endure are those that are least expected. Making sacrifices we are not prepared for is far harder than deciding on our own to offer up a cookie or a comfortable place to sleep. Whatever crosses come our way, we must embrace them and offer them to God.
So far, the hardest sacrifices for me to make have been those that I didn’t see coming, such as not getting to stay a second night at my family’s house on the way through my home town. The plan was to stay there two nights but, because we are on a time crunch, that plan was changed at the last minute. Such is the nature of the walk. Plans change as we go; nothing is ever certain…except our mission.
Not having night shift anymore can also be a challenge because many of us have not been able to walk every single day, so we have a lot of downtime. Sometimes not walking is just as great of a sacrifice as walking two or three days in a row with blisters and sore muscles. Some of us have not been able to walk as often or as far as we would like; others may not get to walk when or where they want. Still others have had to sacrifice by walking with someone who walks either slower or faster than they do, which can be extremely challenging.
There are so many ways to make sacrifices; there are so many things to offer to God. There are so many uncertainties ahead of us and we must realize that not everything is going to go the way we want it to.
However, our ways are not God’s ways and this walk isn’t about what we want. We must follow God’s plan and sacrifice to save the unborn. We all knew that we would be making sacrifices when we signed up for this walk, but that never meant it would be easy.
Because we are humans, the future can be both our best friend and our worst enemy. We never know what the future will hold for us, and all we can do is trust…trust in God and offer up our sufferings to him to help bring an end to abortion and the Culture of Death. That is why we are here: to sacrifice, pray, and witness in order to build a Culture of Life for the future.
Through His suffering and death on the cross, Jesus Christ brought suffering to a higher level, whereby if we offer our pain and sorrow to God as a sacrifice, He can and will use it to help others. He can also use it in reparation for our sins. All we have to do is offer Him our trials and pains, whether they are big or small. Even offering up something as small as a cookie is a sacrifice in God’s eyes and He will use that sacrifice to bring about a greater good.
So, no matter what we suffer from, whether the pain is physical (blisters, aching muscles, lack of sleep, etc.) or emotional and spiritual (such as when things aren’t going the way we expected), we can and should offer those trials to God in reparation for our sins. I truly believe that, through our sufferings and sacrifices, God will help the unborn.
After all, that is part of our mission – sacrifice. That’s what we must do. Sacrifice. Embrace our crosses. Give our concerns to God. Trust Him. He knows what He is doing and He knows what’s best for us.

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  1. mari pautler permalink
    May 31, 2013 12:46 am

    Nicley written laura. Prayers for all
    Mike n Mari

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