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June 3, 2013

Standing in front of the abortion clinic on Saturday, trying to pray, and thinking of all the thousands of women who have walked inside seeking to kill their own children, I felt incredibly helpless. Or perhaps small is a better word. And yet He has told us that “My strength is made perfect in weakness”– somehow He causes His imperfect vessels to overflow with wine.

Small things are so important. A good song on the radio, a well-cooked meal, a run, a beautiful sunset, a hug– these can turn our day upside down, as love letters from Our Savior. And even though the incredibly over-the-top way in which He chose to save us, when one drop of blood would have sufficed, might tempt us to think that He will only be satisfied with extravagance on our part, He has told us that even giving a cup of water to one of His children will not go unrewarded. As Mother Teresa said, we are not called to great things, but to small things with great love.

What are these small things? Choices. It’s crazy how many ramifications our choices have, but the choosing itself is very simple. For, as Chesterton loved to remark, we are most free when we are conforming to our nature; living our humanity. This is why the choice to love is the most potent, most humane, of all. At some point a few months ago, I chose to buy a plane ticket to Seattle to walk across America for the Gospel of Life. Every 20 seconds someone chooses to end the life of her baby. “I have put before you life and death, to whichever you choose, therefore, stretch out your hand.” The difference between the wonderful joy of waking up in an RV full of other Prolife young people who are ready to walk another day spreading the Prolife message, and waking up to “a locker full of hurt”, able to live as one wants at the expense of another’s life, is freedom.

Being “pro-choice” in the sense that one is supposedly able to choose freely is, quite frankly, a sham. There is no such thing as a freely chosen evil. And the only way to cease to be enslaved to dehumanizing choices is to choose life every day in small tings, so that our lives eventually become a tapestry of energetic liberation.

– Hannah DeRocher, Northern Walk ’13

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  1. Laura smith permalink
    June 4, 2013 1:39 am

    Hannah, i really enjoyed your messege today! I cannot believe that people actually choose to end a helpless life. I have had 4 misscarriages ( one was a late term misscarriage and his name is patrick joseph) and to have those babies taken away from me was not my choice and it was devistating! I have been blessed to have 4 beautiful children, my newest blessing is grace Ann (11 months) i am in constant wonder and amazment at the greatest gifts i have been given with LIFE. We are so grateful for all you guys do for babies! You are a blessing!!! Thank you for youe heart! Laura smith

  2. Chuck & Karen permalink
    June 10, 2013 8:19 pm

    Awesome! We are praying for all of you!!

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