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Ain’t no party like a mall party because a mall party don’t quit

June 4, 2013

Mall Evangelization is the BEST.

I learned that this past weekend when a few of us girls (Jessie, Allison, and myself) decided to run to to the mall for a few items. We originally were looking for an ULTA store, but technology led us astray.  We ended up at a mall in Phoenix…

There was this awesome girl that worked the Sephora counter at Nordstrom’s. Her name was Bobbi, and we laughed and laughed and laughed with her. 

After a few minutes of joking around, we told her that we were walking across the country and why. Her reaction went a little like this:

She was so excited for us and said things like, “You are inspirations… I can’t believe this… You just made my day!”

She started looking for samples to give us, hahaha. Then, we were joking about starting a touring show because we both got jokes. She wanted to give me her card, but ran out. So, instead, I took down her name to add her on Facebook.  When I looked her name up, we had a MUTUAL FRIEND!!! This was our reaction:

It turns out it was a friend I had met in Hawaii last year… GOD’S.GOT.JOKES.  This girl…from Arizona…that I met randomly… knows a guy from Hawaii… that I met randomly… What a GODINCIDENCE!

While we were paying at the counter, we were trying to add something up and Allison said, “Math is hard” which has been a team saying the past few weeks. Bobbi turns around and goes. “I agree! Math IS hard.” So, Allison then proceeds to teach her how to say math is hard in sign language because the lovely Teresa taught us how to say it in sign language

So, then this happened:

We shortly after parted ways, but we will never forget Bobbi…and we’re Facebook friends! You know that’s the real deal, y’alllllll

We also went to other stores where awesome stuff happened! We were checking out at GAP and the guy was from Alexandria, Louisiana… me and Allison were like WHAAAAT?

So, all in all… mall evangelization is the way to go! And again… God’

Elise Abshire


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