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Delightful Run In

June 4, 2013

Today my group and I were walking through the beautiful hills and scenery of highway 40 through Utah. There was a turn out ahead of us where two women were waiting in a car. As we approached they stopped us to talk. They had passed us the day before while we were walking and when they saw us today they knew they needed to stop and talk to us.

They asked us about what we were doing and as we explained you could see the amazement and joy cross their faces! They explained that they were Christian and were out planning a route for a Christian motorcycle ride when they saw us. They were so glad to share the same route as the one we were taking and were so excited to use it as a way to share our story and message with others on their ride. They took our picture and thanked us for what we were doing and simply drove off!

It was such a blessing to meet them and get that positive feedback! It is also so comforting to know that they want to share our mission with others! Overall it was a beautiful day walking and they improved our motivation in this journey! Thanks and blessings to these 2 women!

Alyssa Lasseter- Central Walk 2013

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