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The Reason We’re All Here

June 11, 2013

Laura Shurtliff


This past weekend, we had the privilege of staying with a wonderful family with six children, ranging from their mid-twenties all the way down to age six. And so, Sunday afternoon, I found myself entertaining their six-year-old. He was so sweet and innocent and loving. I answered all of his six- year-old questions to the best of my ability, drew pictures with him, and just enjoyed his company. I baby-sit a lot of kids in my hometown, so I felt right at home with this sweet, talkative, little boy. Needless to say, I loved every minute of it.


But isn’t this child the reason we are here? Our mission on this walk is to “witness to the dignity and sanctity of all human life.” That is what brought our group and the other groups who are walking this summer together. Something led everyone in our group to San Francisco and Crossroads; something drove us to apply for this walk; something tugged at our innermost heartstrings and brought us together; something is taking us on this incredible journey to Washington D.C. We came together as a group of strangers from all over the country (from places as distant as California and Maine). Most of us had never met. Yet, something has united us now.

That something is a someone. That someone is God. Only God can be responsible for bringing fifteen strangers together and uniting them as one family with one common goal. There are only fourteen of us now and soon there will only be twelve (some of us must return home), but still we are united as one family through God’s loving hands.

Still there is a second “something” that unites us. This “something” is the reason we were called: to stand up for life – for the unborn and their mothers – and to show them that someone cares.

The children I met this weekend, especially this beautiful six-year-old boy, are a reminder of our cause. We are here to save children like this. So many have been aborted already; so many innocent lives have been lost. Each child is precious and completely unique. What would life be like without this beautiful little boy or his handicapped older brother? They are a generation of children who could have been aborted, just as my teammates and I are a generation of people who could have been aborted. We survived; we were given life. Others are not that fortunate. Yet God loves each one of us and he desires that not even the “least among us should parish.”

Therefore, through our prayers, sacrifice, and witness, we are slowly building a Culture of Life for our future generation. We can start by educating those around us and setting a good example for these little ones. My hope is that we can help bring about a better future for this little boy and for others like him. Together we walk with Christ on this mission; together we speak for the unborn; together – and with God’s help – we can build a better America for our children and our grandchildren.

This is why God called us together. This is why we are here.

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