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Crossroads FAQ and more fun

June 18, 2013



We have encountered various questions that we have encountered as we walk across America.  My team mates and I have compiled a list of questions that you may or may not have.  Some are serious, some are hilarious, and some…well, you can decide for yourself:

“How much do you walk in a day?” (Our team goal is 30 miles every day.)

“Where do you sleep at night?”  (During the week, we sleep in our RV/support vehicle and during the weekends, we stay at kind host families who generously welcome us into their hearts and homes).

“Are you guys like zombies or something?” (No, we are actually Catholic.  And this is a Rosary.)

“Do you drink enough water?” (Usually not.  We’re always drinking.  Water, that is.)

“You’re walking all the way to DC? Wow! That’s a long way.” (We walk as much as possible, with a goal of 30 miles daily.  Although we are not able to walk every step of the way, we remember every mile in our hearts as we strive to change hearts and save lives.  In previous years, night shift has enabled us to cover more miles.  For safety reasons, night shift was eliminated, so we cannot walk as much as previous years.)

“Do you take turns walking?”  (Walking is split up into morning and evening shifts, each of which is composed of two smaller teams of two or three walkers.  <No one walks alone, the ladies are never walking without the support of a brother in Christ.>  We relay/tag team with the help of a support vehicle <nick-named Sadie the Support Vehicle>, walking in 2-3 mile shifts to meet up with the second team in the support vehicle.)

 “Are you guys broken down?” (Asked by police, concerned citizens, and friendly neighbors, especially in Texas.  Answer:  No, we are actually participating in a walk across America.  Thank you so much though!)

“Do you need a ride?  It’s raining outside.” (No, we are actually walking across America.  Even in the rain.)

“How many shoes do you use?”  (Walkers often choose to buy a second pair of shoes halfway through the summer, but one good pair of walking shoes will survive a trip of Crossroads.)

“When do you stop walking every day?”  (We stop walking at 7:30 pm or before sunset.)

“Where do you walk?”  (We walk on highways and byways.)

“If I want to walk next year, how do I apply?”  (You can apply for the best summer of your life at

“How do you survive?” (Prayer, grace, prayer, grace, and more prayer and grace.  Also, the encouragement of fellow team mates, strangers, and other individuals we encounter along the way.)


Frequent comments:

“Yall are crazy!” (We know.  We are, in fact, walking across America.  That requires a little bit of insanity.)

“You must be tired!” (How did you know?)

“You look exhausted!” (*tired smile*. Yeah it’s pretty exhausting.)

“I hope those Mass shoes aren’t the shoes you walk in.”  (We have walking shoes, in addition to church shoes.)

“You’d better get out of the rain. It’s fixin’ to storm and it’s gonna hail!”  (No hail came. We survived the rain without melting.)


Fun facts, collected by our Crossroads director Allison Lattie:

– Collectively, we have walked through an average of 75 cities, covering almost 2,000 miles actually walked!

– Collectively, we have spoken at an average of 65 parishes, reaching thousands already with the Pro-Life message!

– Through the Crossroads blog ( an average of 150 people read the blog, which has received almost 2,500 views since the beginning of the walk.

– The top 5 countries following the Crossroads blog are the United States, Canada, Luxemburg, Australia, and the UK.

– On Crossroads’ Facebook page, the top 5 countries are the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and Spain.  (If you haven’t yet found us on Facebook, feel free to “like” “Crossroads Pro-Life”.)


-Jessie Graehler, Crossroads Southern Walk 2013 

2 Comments leave one →
  1. June 18, 2013 3:39 pm

    This is great!
    One of our favorite questions was asked on weekends, when the girls wore sandals to Mass: “Do you walk in THOSE?” Eventually, we started answering, “Yes. Every mile! It’s a huge sacrifice!” before assuring them that no, we in fact wear (smelly) sneakers. 🙂

    You guys are in my prayers!!

  2. Mary Beth C. Tarantino permalink
    June 19, 2013 4:36 pm

    Great questions! Funny too! Have you been able to take in the majesty of God’s Creation during this journey? May you all continue to walk in the footsteps of Christ. God Bless.

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