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If You Lead Me

June 23, 2013


Here we are. We spend half our time walking the wrong direction, getting lost everywhere we go, running out of gas in the middle of nowhere and stumbling our way to D.C., but we are in fact here. Most of y’all are probably familiar with the song 
“Here I am Lord”, and on Crossroads I feel as if we represent that song fairly well. Not because we know what or why we are here, but because what we Do know is that God called us to be here and we are doing our best to respond to His call.
And oh boy has it been interesting.
For instance when our walk leader Ty decided to lead crossroads I doubt he thought he would spend his summer waking up at four to refill our support van (which was a good hour away) with gas.
Nor did my fellow walker Julie think that she would spend her 18th birthday in a church basement in the middle of South Dakota and spend the first day of her adult life putting in a 60 mile day.
None of us ever thought we would ever learn how luxurious a nice soft carpet can be when you’re nice and tired from walking.
Or discover the true difference between off brand and name brand granola bars.
We have begun to share different experiences such as learning (by trial and error) to cook for thirteen people, or to bake a cake in an R.V. Microwave (probably not an experience we will repeat.) 
We’ve discovered that the G.P.S may not always lead you down the right path… But instead it may suggest that the R.V. Take a nice swim through a river or a cornfield instead.
There have been many wonderful discoveries.
Like when random families discover us on the side of the road and offer us a place to stay or supper for the team.
Or you stumble across what has to be the most beautiful landscape in America and you get to walk right through it.
Or best of all when a team member experiences for the first time the true presence of Christ in the Eucharist.
Through all our stumbling, discoveries, and trials and errors we may not know what we’re doing. But we do know that at the end of the day we can proudly say
“Here I am Lord.”

lindsay Miller

Northern Walk ’13


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  1. Mari Pautler permalink
    June 23, 2013 4:55 pm

    Beautiful n congrats to all & Thank you for your courage Mike n mari

    Sent from my iPhone

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