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A Historic Day

June 25, 2013



Why is today a historic day? Let me tell you.  To explain, allow me to back up a couple days.

Friday, June 21st, 2013:  The weather failed us.  Flooding, hail, and tornados (no big deal, just tornados) held us back in our daily adventuring.  Luckily, we were able to wait out the storm and continue on with our day. We made decent mileage, all things considered.


The lovely outdoors.  #tornados

Sunday, June 23rd, 2013:  After morning mass, the crew split up into two groups; some of us stayed to visit with our lovely host family, while the rest of us volunteered to spend our free time catching up on some lost miles from Friday’s storm.  It was a beautiful day for walking. We were able to get a little under a half-day of walking in, getting us 22 extra miles and some extra prayers.

Monday, June 24, 2013:  The historic day begins as we woke at 4:30AM, like any typical morning shift.  We began walking around 5:30AM when there was quality daylight for walking.


Perks of being on morning shift #sunrise

The day started off sleepy and slow, as we had trouble meeting our 14-15 minute mile standard.  After 7 ½ miles, morning crew met up with afternoon crew for daily mass at 8:00AM.  Morning shift then continued to walk, struggling to keep up energy.  14 ½ miles later, morning shift was at 22 miles.  With only a couple hours left to reach our daily 30-mile shift goal, we decided as group to kick it into gear. Our energy quickly grew as we decided to run half miles until the afternoon shift arrived.  Morning shift reached a record high of 38 miles by 2:30PM.


Did I mention the day was historic? (“Laura Ingles Wilder Historical Highway”) #awkwardsignpicture #historic

When afternoon shift met up with morning shift there was much rejoicing. All were completely pumped up from the great morning and excited to finish the day strong.  Fittingly, afternoon shift arrived covered in body paint, ready to take on the day.  And take on the day they did! As a group, we covered 70 miles from sunup to sundown.  It was a fantastic, beautiful, exciting, historic day.


Midday group photo.  #excited #ftb #prolife

Our standard has been raised; can’t wait for tomorrow! FTB!!!

Laura (ET) Wire

Northern Walk ‘13

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