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What Would Jesus Do?

June 25, 2013
  • “What Would Jesus Do?” This phrase might sound cliché to our egocentric, power-hungry, sex-crazed society, but these four words could literally transform this world. In the book, In His Steps, Charles Sheldon writes a fictional story about some people doing a challenge that is for a year they will have to make every decision of their lives based on what would Jesus do in this situation and then carry it out no matter the consequence. 


    As the story unfolds the town starts to transform itself from a self-righteous Christian community to a community that actually practices core Christian values. By the time you come to the end of the book you find that this movement has crossed the nation and is spreading. This story does not need to be just that: a story.


    Look around you. Do you really think that Jesus would approve of what you are doing and how you are living? We sometimes forget that Jesus was human too. He already experienced everything that we experience. “For hereunto were ye called; because Christ also suffered for you, leaving you an example that ye should follow in his steps.” (1 Pet 2:21) He should be our example on how we live our lives for Jesus says “learn from me for I am meek and humble” or “take up your cross and follow me”. What is sad is that we have become complacent with our lives as Christians and pat ourselves on the back when we give that second collection to the poor believing that we are living the Gospel message and changing the world. Hogwash!


    To change the world, we need to live Christ’s message. Just like Sheldon says, “Are we ready to make and live a new discipleship? Are we ready to reconsider our definition of a Christian? What is it to be a Christian? It is to imitate Jesus. It is to do as He would do. It is to walk in His steps.” Can you take the challenge?

    Yes, that is what we are doing on Crossroads Pro-life.  We are literally walking the walk.  It is at times very difficult especially fighting off the mosquitos and the sunburn but more importantly experiencing a white martyrdom when we are cursed at or getting trash thrown at us when we pray in front of abortion centers.  The life of a Christian is supposed to be radical.  It needs to be a witness to the message of Jesus, but especially the message of Life.  

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