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Marshmallow Roasting, Crossroads Style.

July 2, 2013


Marshmallow Roasting, Crossroads Style

Today in the life of our Southern route, Stephanie encountered a new phenomenon of RV life:  roasting marshmallows.  She went about this adventure “Crossroads style,” of course…putting her own spin to this art.  She agreed to be interviewed in regards to this adventure, so that others may be inspired in their own marshmallow endeavors.  (Note:  although other marshmallow techniques are secondary, we will do our best to refrain from any judgementalism, and we will accept you in your own marshmallow roasting techniques.)


First, Stephanie explained that roasting must occur “over the stove top, not the sink.”  This is a very important distinction, as the stove top and the sink are located in the same RV corner.  She explained, “You have to be ingenuitive and find something good to skewer the marshmallow with.”  Stephanie continued to think outside of the box, as “tongs would start to heat up and my hands would burn.”  Instead, she “found a long knife…and then I had a nice handle there.”


Stephanie instructed, “The perfect way to cook the marshmallow is to go slowly, because you don’t want to go so fast that it just cooks the outside (with) the inside still raw.”  In regards to the marshmallow location, she explained that “you want to hold it at least 5 inches above the flame…depending on how big the flame is, of course.  As it cooks, you have to continually be rotating it so you cook all the sides evenly…It requires a lot of patience, because it will take time.”

For any fellow marshmallow lovers, Stephanie advised, “Buy really big marshmallows because they’re really exciting.  Bigger is better.”  As a final piece of advice, Stephanie remarked, “Some people like to burn the marshmallows…Even if you like to burn the marshmallows, be sure to cook it slowly first and then burn it so you are secure in the knowledge that the inside is cooked.”

Teammate reactions to Stephanie’s marshmallow adventure:

Carlos:  “As long as the RV is not moving, I’m fine with that.”

Chris:  “I think you should use everything at your disposal to make the journey more enjoyable.”

Kelly:  “I think it was amazing…I loved watching her eat it.  But I couldn’t take all the stickiness on her hands.  I can’t do the stickiness.”


Well folks, there you have it. Authentic marshmallow roasting, Crossroads style.  🙂

 -Jessie Graeher, Southern Route 2013

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  1. Becky Friesandburgers permalink
    July 2, 2013 4:25 pm

    Bahaha I love this one! Stephanie is quite the marshmallow expert 😉

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