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What’s been going on of late?

July 3, 2013

So it’s been a rough smooth going of late, and things are fine. Thank you for keeping us in your prayers. The walk hasn’t been that rough, and there have been many challenges throughout this summer, and most of them are spiritual. We’re all getting in around 6-12 miles a day and the weekend host families are unbelievably beautiful. The graces that pour out from these hands are unperceivably abundant( ūüôā ), and they are greatly registered on us. Some of them are hard to comprehend. We stayed at School Sisters of Christ the King’s guest house this weekend. It was unbelievable. Very peaceful.

I’m here to say, or pass on some of the mysteries of suffering that have been happening here. We often live in the RV more than on the road; in that sense, it has been a bit different than expected. But never have I born such weight and accostment to one’s own soul. This is a good thing. It’s also a thing that I wouldn’t have expected, which is the way it is in the way of the Lord. Peace and grace.

I recently consecrated myself to Our Lady  a few years ago. It has been a whirlwind of a drastic shift in intentions. Expectations have been lost. That which I was not I am not even yet. But anticipation has changed.

I’ve been shown primarily what I am not like. That may be ‘Humble.’

The fact that we’re here may be an example of someone else’s intentions being born out.

Books being read:

Preparation for Total Consecration – St Louis de Montfort

Dark Night of the Soul. St John of the Cross

How to Find God’s Will for You – St Francis de Sales

Currently Walter Isaacson’s “Benjamin Franklin.” – The author is the one who did Steve Jobs’ biography. It’s an interesting insight to one of our founding father’s accounts. Peculiar man.

It’s been said.

I have shown wrong in my nature.

It seems to be, “To be myself, or not to be?”

This is not in the sense of Shakespeare’s “to be, or not to be?” It is in the sense of ‘to be myself whom God has created, or¬†to be one who¬†assents to His will?’

St Francis¬†de Sales says,¬†“Anything, aside from sin, that happens, is to be accepted as the good pleasure of the Lord.”

It¬†is to be accepted as the sweet soliloquy¬†“Good pleasure of¬†God.” The sweetest term¬†in the history of the existence of¬†the¬†Universe, or man, perhaps even¬†our Lord.¬†who knows.

But¬†this suffering that I am referring to in¬†having to¬†be referred to something that I cannot bring to bear completely, but it is¬†my own¬†suffering due to evil. My own¬†evil, and the reason a¬†Christian can experience this evil is to walk the way of Christ that has suffered, in order that¬†we may¬†‘live like¬†him.’

Much evil is attributed to our original sin.

It may be that your disposition in life is not what it ought to be, due to being born in a fallen nature. i.e. the thing that needs fixed is not even perceived to be wrong? i.e. ‘you didn’t know’ or ‘that’s not the best way’ is not something you may be able to be excused for?’ I may not make it on my own good merits – let’s be clear about that…

This walk has been more like being in an order than any other thing.

This is the hallmark of Christianity,¬†this is the sole redemptive value in Christianity that has no claims¬†in other walks – suffering is not redeemed in that which is separate from the Lords way.¬†It can’t be, I haven’t heard¬†of it having been, but Christ redeemed suffering…

That’s fifty percent of life in humanity, which is not redeemed, all of it, aside from Jesus, puts it’s head down and looks away. Come back when you are better – let’s talk then. Christ embraces his burden.


how shall I understand that.

St John of the Cross (Basic summary) “It is better to suffer.” Have you ever heard of grace that comes through your second weaker inclination? i.e. the grace that flows from when you choose which you would not prefer? The one you’re not inclined to? That which Christ would have you do, yet you do not know what is it that is being pointed to. Which you do not have any relation to? You do not understand???

My brother often has quoted the thought of God’s will being his good will, his better will, and then his¬†‘perfect will.’ Obviously we’ve always wanted his perfect will. But what if his way is beyond our way, wherein we can’t even intuit to have his way to be our way? What if it was to sacrifice our intuits to will that Which God has willed?

How to know¬†God…. I believe it lies in faith as well as reason, and earnest dependence on God’s reason and grace to pour through our lives as God would have them to. What if he is silent?

It is better to suffer than to succeed. – St John of the Cross…

I’ve heard it thought. –

It’s been more like living in an order, and having formation that has been asconced from for the last six years of my life. The graces here are perpetual, and insistent.¬†My way

Another thought is that imperfections are harder to see the more ingrained and subtle they are. I.e. it seems that my personality is the gift that God gave it as, and not that which need to die. I may be wrong… it seems… They tell me I am… And then I wake up… Wrong again…..

Who has died to themselves that much..

What a gift…

I’ve been infinitely proud of my ability to accomplish a goal. There has been a way which has not been seen. The hidden way? The way of Our Lady – humble servant, Exalted Mother of God… “There is a way which seems right to a man, but in the¬†end there¬†is destruction…” What is the right way. It may be the right way is that way of the Lord, Which Our Lord had to submit to, in his own way, in order to submit to the Father’s will.

What was it that Jesus had to submit to… in that Our Lord Jesus Christ asked to have this cup pass from him??? If it may?… My mother said that as she watched the Passion of the Christ, she really could see what Mary had gone through, why she was revered. To watch her Son suffer. What was it that our Lord had to acknowledge that he did not have union with God the Father already? Do you think it’s harder to watch your Son suffer in your manner – in which you would suffer, but your doing it for you? Your son. It is harder to see your son suffer.. “In whom I am well Pleased.”¬†¬†(Matthew 3:17)


Currently reading Walter Isaacson’s depiction of Ben Franklin’s life… It’s amazing to me.

Currently enamored by my inspiration with solely the Church’s saints which are canonized and recorded, for their epics and traverses. Divine knowings of the Creator. What they did was to cooperate with Grace. To relax with God. Giving their free will freely. Holy indifference (which I learned from St Francis de Sales). Holy Therese I imagine, could have liked the likes of an American founding father, and gone toe to toe with the burliest men, despite her only being a huge saint of Divine Union with the God who created.

Men are running around with multiple magnanimous accomplishments, trying to finagle their universe of its stickiness, while they ignore the weightier matters of knowing who they were created for. Reason is then rendered unreasonable… Point in mark. My founding father. Guess which one. Their maker. Their lover. Their One. This is not what we are to slink by.

What’s in your wallet?

What is in your heart..

Mine is not right… But there is the Lord.

He is our ride. He is our God –¬†He is our cool.

Caleb Longgrear.

It is better to be with one of them. The Saints, than a million others РHow shall we live but we learn to die to ourselves?

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