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The Unforgettable Summer

July 4, 2013

Hi, my name is Bora and from South Korea. I was an exchange student at University of Vermont for a year. At the end of the second semester of the exchange year, I signed up for walking with crossroads. Of those three walks, I chose to be on the northern walk. I heard about crossroads from my friend, Mimi, on our way to her home in Rhode Island for Christmas last year. She walked with crossroads two years ago and she was on the same walk as me! I was so stunned when I first heard that she walked across the United States. I couldn’t imagine walking across America since I’m from South Korea which is the size of Kentucky. But it sounded really awesome and I felt I was called to do it. When I told my mom that I’m going to walk across the country, she thought it was totally a crazy idea to walk across such a huge country. And she was not happy about it because she missed me a lot since I had been away from home for 9 month. But I told her that I really wanted to do it and booked my flight to Seattle. I’m so glad that I’m doing this and now, my mom is very supportive!

The first part that I like about crossroads is that I’ve been to or walked through so many scenic places. Especially Yellowstone and the Bad lands were one of the most amazing places! I’m very happy that I chose the northern walk!  Also, It’s very fun to compare America from South Korea. South Korea has many mountains and doesn’t have a lot of flat lands. And there are a lot of cities and people usually live in apartments since it’s so densely populated. On the other hand, America has a lot of flat lands and there are so many cows and horses. And the host families’ houses that we stayed had really nice basements!!

Another part that I like is that our group members are totally awesome! We always entertain each other even though we are exhausted after walking. I feel like we’re always laughing J And we warn each other about how much we eat, too! We have heard that in the past people have actually gained weight even when they walk all the time. The people we encounter are always so generous and constantly feed us. In order to keep tract and hope to lose weight this summer we made team club called “Food Awareness Team (FAT)” and have a FAT meeting every night so that we don’t gain weight after walking across the country!

What I like the best about crossroads is that we pray a lot. We pray for the babies, for the people we encounter, and also for the safety of the members on this pro-life mission.  We always start walking by praying the Rosary. Whenever I’m struggling with walking, praying the Rosary gives me strength to overcome it. We pray morning and night prayer and we’re really happy that we can add prayer intentions we got from people at the parishes. Also, we go to daily mass, different from the past, we have never missed a day!

Joining crossroads pro-life has been a life-changing experience to me!  All of my prayers and sacrifices have helped me strengthen my faith! I’m so happy I decided to walk this summer it is a precious experience that I will never forget!

Bora Lee, Northern Walk ’13

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