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A Good Samaritan

July 5, 2013


Today has been quite an adventure.  After Mass this morning, the Knights of Columbus treated us to a breakfast date with parishioners and the priest from St. Pius X parish.  We had been having RV trouble; however, it was not until after breakfast that a kind parishioner helped diagnose the issue:  our brake fluid was leaking. 

A group of us were lounging outside of the airport breakfast café, waiting to learn the game-plan from Carlos and preparing for Morning Prayer.  A gentleman approached us and jokingly asked our group why we were not walking.  I vaguely recognized him and assumed he must have been at morning Mass; we proceeded to explain that our RV was having issues and we needed to get it fixed.  He smiled, went on his way, and we continued to pray Morning Prayer.  Little did I know that this stranger would be the Good Samaritan who would help us continue on our journey. 

About fifteen minutes later, the gentleman approached us a second time, offering us the number for a tow truck (if we needed it) and a mechanic shop.  He continued to explain that he would cover any costs if we took it to the mechanic shop.  We were left speechless by his generosity, and I hurried to get Carlos, who was still inside the building.

As Carlos and I returned, we were told that his mechanic shop would not be able to work on the RV until Monday.  This was an issue, as eight of my teammates were supposed to already be on the road for New Orleans.  We expressed our concern, but the gentleman hurriedly assured us that he would reimburse any RV expenses to whatever shop we took it to.  Overwhelmed by the unyielding generosity of a stranger, I shook his hand, thanking him for his graciousness.  At my words, “You are such an angel,” tears flooded his eyes, and he walked away, only to return a few minutes later.

I was awed by his open vulnerability and generosity.  He returned to thank me for our pro-life work, and tears sprung to his eyes once again.  I gave him a hug and soon found this gentleman crying in my arms.  Uncertain of what else to do, I assured him of our prayers and gratitude.

Even now, I am uncertain of joys, challenges, or struggles he may be going through.  However, as I reflect upon his help, I am truly grateful for the generosity and vulnerability of this very good Samaritan who helped us on our journey. 

-Jessie Graehler, Southern Walk 2013



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