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Thunder Away

July 10, 2013


                This past weekend, my team was blessed by the presence of a fellow walker, Albert, who joined us for two weeks earlier this summer.  When I learned that I was assigned with two other walkers to another city for the weekend (to speak at parishes, attend a sidewalk counseling training <which was super legit by the way>, hang out and share with an epic youth group and pray outside of one of the biggest abortion providers in the area), I was initially very disappointed.  This assignment meant that I would be separated from most of the team, our director Allison, and Albert.  I did my best to ask Momma Mary to show me how to say “yes” to God’s will, just as she gave her “fiat” in giving birth to God’s Son.

                Without a doubt, God has a way of turning even the most disappointing circumstances into beautiful occasions for grace.  My weekend was overflowing with amazing people, experiences, and blessings.  Shreveport, Louisiana ended up being one of the highlights of my summer thus far.  After the weekend away from the rest of our team, we drove down to New Orleans to meet up with the rest of the team, we reminisced over the blessings of the weekend.

                As we continued our journey to meet up with the rest of the team, we learned that a group would be out walking when we returned.  We soon learned that our visiting brother Albert would be shifting when we arrived.  That meant that we would get to see him for a very limited time before he would need to drive back home.  I tried to stifle my disappointment and then I smiled as a thought came to mind:  God is in control…even of the weather. 

                I recognized that thunder and lightning would force walkers to return to our host family to be with the rest of the team.  I started praying that (if it be God’s will) it start lightning and thundering (and that everyone would be safe despite storms) and then I gave the rest to Him.  The rest of the day, I joked about the fact that it was going to lightning and thunder that evening.

                We encountered some pretty heavy rain and some lightning on our way into New Orleans, but the shift was walking in a different area of the city, so it did not affect them.  However, after spending some time checking the weather, we learned that a substantial amount of rain, thunder, and lightning were expected to hit the area.  I smiled to myself as God, in His goodness and humor, had answered my prayer for storms.

                As a result, we were able to spend quality time with Albert before parting ways that night.  The storm allowed me to see that the Lord is never outdone in generosity and that He truly has a sense of humor.  God’s got jokes.

-Jessie Graehler, Southern Walk 2013



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