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Adventures, Confusion, and Chaos.

July 16, 2013


Our poor RV has been hospitalized in a mechanic shop for the 6th time this summer.  (Most current issue: generator problems).  This has led to additional adventures, confusion, and chaos.  But mostly adventures.  After leaving Vicksburg, Mississippi very early in the morning, we made it to 7 AM Mass (barely) in Jackson with the help of a caravanning host family (we would not all fit in our support vehicle and Carlos and Peter were bringing the RV to the mechanic).  After a border breakfast at Shoney’s, we drove to Jackson Women’s Health Organization (the only abortion clinic left in Mississippi). 

Last weekend, a few walkers were trained for sidewalk counseling, so our team split up into a prayer group and a sidewalk counseling group.  In this way, we were able to offer tangible support, as well as prayerful witness.  It was amazing to see how the Holy Spirit worked in speaking to people there.  After three hours of prayer, witness, and sharing, we caravanned to a local BBQ place to eat dinner.  I couldn’t believe how much I had taken our good old RV for granted.  Even with the gracious help of Jeff (a former walker who met up with us at the clinic) and his car, it took two trips to bring our team to lunch.

After lunch and some waiting and witnessing to curious locals at lunch, we finally got word that our RV would not be done by the evening.  We caravanned (yet again) to Jeff’s friend’s house, who happened to be a former Crossroads amazing host family.  After some more confusion, Carlos and I took off to pick up essentials from our RV (sleeping bags, pillows, a cooler, prayer books, and walking shoes).  On our way, we got word that Allison booked us a second support vehicle to diminish caravanning.  On our way to the RV repair shop, we stopped by to pick up our gray SUV jeep patriot support vehicle from Enterprise. 

Carlos and I finally arrived at the repair shop, no one was in the lobby.  After about 15 minutes, we finally got ahold of someone who graciously allowed us to access our RV and get necessities.  We finally made it back to Jeff’s friend’s house, who kindly opened their hearts and home to us for the night.  They let us take over couches, beds, and their trailer as we survived another Crossroads day.  The day had been quite altered to the needs of our walk.  We were unable to get any walking in because of the circumstances, but it was amazing how God always provided, amidst the confusion and chaos. 

Reading this post may be a little confusing, but it is a pretty accurate reflection into the dizzying confusion and epic adventures of Crossroads walkers on our route.  Thanks to our additional support vehicle, half of our walk is currently walking through the city of Jackson, while the second half of us are preparing to pray at the clinic again today for a few hours.

-Jessie Graehler, Southern Walk 2013 

PS.  If you have any extra prayers, we would appreciate any prayers that our RV (which is still in the shop) would be speedily fixed for good.  Many thanks!


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