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21st Birthday

July 18, 2013

My 21st Birthday was two weeks ago (July 6th) and I decided to spend it standing outside of an abortion clinic for 21 hours. The idea came to me while I was praying after Mass several weeks before in Reno, Nevada. My teammates were very supportive in making this happen. So, on my birthday we went to the Planned Parenthood Comprehensive Health Clinic in Kansas City, Kansas and they took turns standing outside of the clinic with me. I thank God for giving me mental and physical strength to do this. There were many blessings that occurred throughout the 21 hours. Early in the night a priest (Father Hanson) and a seminarian surprised me with ice cream. We had met them while walking a few days before and I had no idea they knew I was out there. That unexpected act of kindness was so encouraging!
The clinic opened at 7 a.m. and several women were driving in. One girl in her later teens drove up and stopped her car in front of the parking lot entrance to talk to pro-lifers. She was interested in what we stood for and listened to a sidewalk counselor. Then a Planned Parenthood employee drove up behind the girl, their prospective client, and honked the car horn loudly and obnoxiously at her to move. I think that represents Planned Parenthood’s attitude quite accurately… 
Throughout the day I saw many women stop to talk with sidewalk counselors. More than I had ever seen before and YES some of them turned around to leave Planned Parenthood. There is one young woman in particular that I know I will never forget. She drove up to the sidewalk counselors with her boyfriend in the passenger seat. The counselor asked what they were going in for and the woman said “to have an abortion”. The woman and the boyfriend looked scared. They listened to the sidewalk counselors for a minute but then continued into Planned Parenthood. I was praying very hard for them. Less than five minutes later I saw the couple walk out of the clinic and come back to the sidewalk counselors. They thanked the counselors and announced that they have decided to keep their child! What a blessing it was to witness this. There was definitely one life saved on my birthday. What a gift!
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  1. Liz permalink
    July 21, 2013 3:59 pm

    Wow what a awesome way to spend your 21 st BIRTHday! God is good! Was great to meet the group in Effingham , u inspire us each and every year! Mat God be with u always on LIFE ‘s journey

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