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Mall Evangelization

July 21, 2013


 Yesterday, Amy, Elise, Jenna, and I went to the mall for some mall evangelization.  This type of “evang” is a very fun way to meet new people, spread the Gospel of Life, and shop (I mean, can you get better than that?).  So we found ourselves in the middle of the Alabama mall, meandering from store to store, wearing our shirts with PRO LIFE written on them in 1,000 font (not quite, but almost…they’re hard to miss). 

 We ran into many people, a few who were curious enough to comment or ask questions…others, who look at you a little funny (sometimes you wonder why someone is staring at you and then you follow their eyes to your shirt and you remember that you are a walking billboard for the babies).  Two different individuals asked Elise what being “Pro Life” meant; it was such a blessing to both educate and share our mission to uphold the sanctity and dignity of every human life.

 As we were walking through the mall, we ran into a kiosk selling Teen Challenge Christian T-shirts.  We noticed their shirts, they noticed our shirts, and we struck up a friendly conversation, which turned into an amazing exchange of inspiration and fraternal love.  Teen Challenge is a Christian faith-based program to over come addictions.  They were a true inspiration.  Jenna bought one of the shirts and we left, encouraged and renewed. 

 We continued our shopping adventure, but came by the kiosk again on our way out of the mall.  They tried to get us to buy a few more shirts, but we realized our cash totaled $1 in bills, so we politely declined.  John then proceeded to explain how he supported our mission and gave us each some awesome Alabama Teen Challenge “Walk by Faith, not by Sight” shirts.  One of the guys was also selling hemp jewelry and he gave me one of the hemp necklaces. 

 We were humbled by their generosity and challenged by their witness.  I left the mall, amazed how we arrived to share of ourselves and our mission but how we left, renewed and inspired by the witness and lives of others.  God is so good.

 -Jessie Graehler, Southern Walk 2013




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