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The Whirlwind of Life

July 30, 2013


The Whirlwind of Life

On Saturday morning, we were running late.  Very late.  I cautiously glanced at our GPS, which unabashedly shared that our estimated time of arrival was 45 minutes later than scheduled.  However, we kept our heads up as we continued our trek to the abortion clinic in Georgia. 

On the way, Carlos randomly mentioned that we should pray a Rosary, so we began praying during the hour-long car ride.  (Little did we know the grace and the prayers would prove much needed and perfectly co-align with God’s timing).  Once we arrived at the clinic, a sidewalk counselor rushed, breathless, to our van to ask us if anyone knew Spanish.  Carlos and Elise jumped out of the support vehicle, as she explained that a lady who spoke Spanish had wanted an abortion but was reconsidering.

Through God’s grace, a local priest, the lady who was side-walk counseling, and my team mates who were Spanish interpreters and support, this beautiful woman decided to get a sonogram.  The pregnancy resource center was not even open but the volunteers there graciously bent over backwards to get her the help she needed.  (You can read a first-hand account of this experience: ). 

It amazes me how God works.  The beautiful woman wept for joy at hearing her baby’s heartbeat and decided against abortion.  Had we arrived at the clinic on time, it is very possible that our team would have missed this honor and opportunity to help save a life.  God is so good.

The rest of the day was chaos.  Between taking (and dropping off) the beautiful woman and her sister to the pregnancy resource center and picking up another rental car, the afternoon plans were completely ditched and everything became grace-timing.  After much chauffeuring and shuffling of teammates and vehicles, we were miraculously on our way to our parishes.  <Each weekend, we speak at parishes to ask them for their prayers, for their financial assistance, and to encourage them to get involved to help build the culture of life.> 

Carlos was driving a few of us in the support vehicle; we were in the middle of a very deep conversation when I heard a loud noise and felt a jolt.  It took a minute for everything to sink in, but we soon realized that the car behind us had hit our van.  After a quick assessment, we were grateful to realize that no one had gotten hurt and that Carlos’ quick ninja-feet had hit the brake just in time, preventing a multiple-car wreck.

Carlos got out of the vehicle to see how bad the damage was and speak with the other driver.  The rest of us waited in the car and quickly realized that missing our masses (because of the wreck) was a very possible reality.  We said a prayer and waited.  Through God’s grace, Carlos’ calm demeanor, and the help of the Crossroads office, we were able to leave the scene with very minimal van damage and no injuries.  And we all made it to Mass.

Saturday was truly a whirlwind of life.  However, it was a beautiful whirlwind of life.  I still marvel in gratitude at how God strategically allowed our team to be His little instruments in His plan and His timing.  How great is our God.


-Jessie Graehler, Southern Walk 2013

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  1. Becky permalink
    July 30, 2013 10:02 pm

    Great story!! It sounds like it was a hectic day. God bless!

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