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Waves, Vocal Responses, and Honks.

July 31, 2013


We have encountered many waves, vocal responses, and horn honks as we walk.  Our team has analyzed and named just a few to illustrate the beauty of walking every day.

WAVES:  Many drivers wave in friendly response.

The princess wave:   the slow rotation of the hand.

The thumb’s up:  no explanation needed.

The trucker finger:  keep hand on the wheel, extend pointer finger.

The excited wave:  mouth open in wide smile, hand in fast rotations.

The concerned stare:  unsure of how to react, “stop and stare”.

The hand lift:  perhaps too tired to wave, yet wanting to acknowledge.

The peace sign:  we’re cool, you are too.

The head nod:  too lazy to lift up my hand wave.

“Read between the line’s” wave:  aka–the middle finger (this is definitely the least common but does still happen).

VOCAL RESPONSES:  Many people lean out the window and give vocal responses, most of which are very affirmative and supportive.  We have listed a few of the vocal responses we get as we walk along highways and country roads.

“Good for you!”

“Thank you!”

“God bless you!”

“Yall are awesome!” – It’s y’all because we’re in the south afterall.

“Get a life!”

“Hey sweet cheeks!” –What girl doesn’t look cute in a fluorescent prolife t-shirt?

“Prolife forever!”

“Do you guys have car trouble?”

“Is everything okay?”

HONKS:  Our team loves honks.  In the heat of the day, sometimes a “honk” is all you need to keep going.  We even wrote (with window crayon) on our support vehicle, “HONK FOR LIFE!”  We get a lot of different honks and decided to analyze just a few of the honk responses we have encountered.

Nice toot + polite wave

Lay on the horn honk (the honk starts when the driver first acknowledges the driver and may continue until the walkers are out of sight.)

Metronome honk (honk, honk, honk, honk, honk all the way down the road.)

Post-honk (often, drivers are initially confused but will acknowledge us walkers after they have already passed us.)

-Jessie Graehler (with the much-appreciated help from Jenna, Peter, Stephanie, and Teresa), Southern Walk 2013


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