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The end…and the beginning.

August 12, 2013


After a summer of walking, sweat, perseverance, prayer, and mountains of grace, we arrived in Washington DC.  We walked a marathon day (in which a few people walked 26.2 miles) which ended at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception.  We waited until all the walkers arrived at the bottom of the steps before ascending the basilica steps.

Adrenaline rushed through my body as I mounted the steps, realizing that we had survived.  After a summer of walking, sweat, perseverance, prayer, and much grace, we arrived in Washington, DC.  As we knelt at the altar, tears of gratitude and unbelief dripped down my face at the completion of our journey as we all offered up our summer with its beauty (as well as its struggles) to the Lord. 


While we were in the DC area, we had the privilege of joining Lila Rose, president of Live Action, in a rally to demand elimination of media bias on abortion.  The rally took place right outside of ABC News and specifically addressed ABC, NBC, and CBS.  (




I am still processing the events and adventures of this summer.  My mind fails to grasp the richness of the blessings that I experienced.  My amazing teammates.  The walking.  Guidance and help from the Crossroads office.  Traveling through eleven states.  Miracles.  Heartache.  Awesome host families.  Grace.  Pain.  Trust amid constant confusion.  Prayer.  Uncertainty.  Fraternal love. 

I wanted to write about my gratitude to the people that made this summer possible and to my awesome God Who carried me through this summer, but words fail me.  Instead, I am left with quiet reverence and awe at the goodness of the Lord and the generosity and goodness of so many along the way who made Crossroads possible.  I am truly grateful and will continue to pray for all of you as the Lord continues to direct our paths.  For although this is an end to my journey across America, it is a new beginning for continued growth, compassion, and love for my brothers and sisters…born and unborn.

-Jessie Graehler, Southern Walk 2013


(Above:  all three walks join for a USCCB reception in Washington DC)

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