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Can I Give You a Hug?

May 23, 2014
The Central Walk Team

Our Central Walk Team

The last couple days have been training days for us. But I have been amazed at how people respond to our presence, even just at Mass or in the local Wal-Mart.

Central Walk Gals

Central Walk Gals

Just yesterday morning, our group of 9 headed to Mass in the signature neon yellow Crossroads shirts. All of the school children turned around with wide eyes. Some of us were surprised by the increased eyeballs zeroing in on us. Our walk leader even warned us we might feel like fish in a fish tank…lots of folks staring. But each person we encounter is able to see young people sending a bold message. We’re taking wearing our beliefs on our sleeves to a whole new level!

I imagined people might take notice, but I had no idea that it would attract such responses. For example, just today in the church parking lot, a kind couple walked up to our group to hand us a donation. The lady, tears in her eyes, thanked us with gusto for standing up for life.

Even when we trekked to Wal-Mart to buy supplies, several people came up to us and were interested in what on earth we were up to. We spoke to some, and smiled at others. It made me see with new eyes. Our views were visible even without words. And yet just that was enough to inspire.

Another lady at Wal-Mart was so impressed by what we are doing that she made a donation right there in the Wal-Mart! And then, she thanked us deeply, and sweetly asked, “Can I give you a hug?” Wow. I was so humbled by her excitement and joy. Our simple presence was enough to inspire her and give her hope. So we all hugged her. And that was enough.

Molly Sheahan
Central Walk 2014

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  1. Karen permalink
    May 25, 2014 3:00 am

    Good luck Central! You are in good hands with your walk leaders!

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