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Top 10 Uses for a Crossroads Walking Shirt

June 6, 2014

The contemporary yellow Crossroads walking shirt (also colloquially known as the “Crossroads habit”) is not only stunning and stylish, it’s also incredibly versatile and useful.  After the summer, here are just a few of the many ways you can continue to wear your favorite garment.  

10. Emergency Halloween costume


Just flip it inside out, write “Sharpie” down the side, and grab some candy!

9. Directing traffic


This is especially handy when you’re running late to Mass and need to clear a street or two for the RV.

8. Figuring out where you are


Because the desert is wonderfully unadulterated–no pollution, civilization, or cell service.

7. Convincing people that you’re a biker gang


According to one Walmart shopper, spandex + sunburns + matching t-shirts=cycling club

6. Sleeping


In the car, the RV, the gas station, the parish parking lot…

5. Keeping the family together at amusement parks


Nothing’s as classy as Waldo’s stripes, but neon yellow gets pretty close.

4. Camouflaging yourself in a vat of tennis balls


Y’know, in case someone challenges you to hide-and-seek in a sporting goods store.

3. Intense lazer tag


Because hiding is for pansies.

2. Flash mob


With shirts like these, who needs balloons?

1. Witnessing to the dignity and sanctity of human life




Lauren Mach, Central Walk 2014

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