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Southern Walk “SO Cal”

June 9, 2014

Welcome from the Southern Walk (Cliff, Gracie, Helen, Janice, John, Katherine, Sydney, Tyler, and Zander)!

In an attempt to speak for the group as a whole, I believe the recurring theme so far is “Out of our comfort zone”.

From the moment each member of the walk boarded their plane to today- 2 and 1/2 weeks into the walk- our routines have been tossed out the window and replaced with an entirely new world order. Besides the obvious change- being in a new place with new people- we have experienced minute changes that still have a great impact. To begin with, several of us have attended Mass with outlandish customs- such as a very jiving Alleluia and members of congregations who whooped and hollered during the Homily. We have heard slang of an alien nature and I personally discovered that I have been pronouncing “Nevada” incorrectly my entire life.

Silliness aside, we have each had the uncomfortable experience of being yelled at from cars passing by and receiving ugly comments while doing errands. Since most members of the walk aren’t accustomed to wearing neon shirts with a controversial message across the front, it is still a shock to get this angry reaction.

The great thing about this walk, however, is that the good has always outweighed the bad. Being out of my comfort zone is starting to grow on me- I relished the opportunity to deliver my Spanish talk earlier tonight with a good 10 minutes of practicing under my belt. I have even begun to welcome the dissent that comes with wearing the shirts because as much as I love to be lavished with praise and thanks after Mass, I’ve started to thirst for more chances to tell people what I believe and why. One of my favorite questions to be asked is “What does Pro-life mean?”. It’s such a basic, obvious question, but when an elementary school aged girl is genuinely asking it, I realize that I have the opportunity to make one of the first marks on this girl’s opinion on the issue of abortion. With that exhilarating pressure on me, I eagerly explained that we value the lives of babies even before they are born. It’s a toss up on whether she was nodding politely without grasping what I was saying or if she understood and filed away that information, but if she was anything like me as a young girl, she may have looked up to me just enough to store that opinion!

Please continue to pray for our success and Hugs & Kisses from the Southern Walk!

War Eagle! -Helen Custodio 🙂
Southern Walk ’14

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