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A Day in the Life of a Crossroads Walker

June 19, 2014

After “Do you walk in dress shoes?”, the most common questions asked of walkers at weekend Masses revolve around their daily schedule.  In an effort to appease the curiosity of generous parishioners nationwide, I followed Central Walk leader Alex Wilson around for an entire day last week.  What follows is an abridged version of everything Alex said and did on June 11, 2014.  

*Note: Typically, walkers attend daily Mass in the mornings.  However, since we were walking through the Mojave desert on this particular day, there were no parishes within 100 miles offering daily Mass.

4:48 AM  Alex wakes up to the door slamming four inches from his head as the morning shift prepares to start walking.  

7:00 AM  The sound of bagpipes fills the RV.  Alex presses snooze.

7:05 AM  Bagpipes again.  Alex turns his phone off.  

8:12 AM  After being bombarded with pillows and sleeping bags from the loft, Alex yells “GET UP!”

8:19 AM  Alex actually gets up.

8:36 AM  Alex eats a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch for breakfast.

8:47 AM  Alex stares forlornly at the dishes.  He picks up a bowl and says, “Did we really use this many?”

8:49 AM  Alex picks up as many dishes as he can carry and washes them in the RV park laundry room.

9:28 AM  Alex checks his email and listens to music in the RV.

10:14 AM  Alex checks out of the RV park and drives the RV to a gas station.

10:28 AM  Alex drives to the only sporting goods store in northeastern Nevada so that his teammates can buy new sneakers.  While there, he runs into a cyclist who had high-fived him on the road the day before.  He talks to the guy for a while, tells him about Crossroads, and learns about triathlons in Nevada.  

10:51 AM  Alex drives to meet the morning walkers.

11:28 AM  Alex eats leftover spaghetti from the night before.

11:56 AM  Alex picks up someone’s pillow and wonders how many geese are inside.  

11:59 AM  Alex listens to music in the RV.

12:38 PM  Alex takes a nap.  

1:01 PM  The morning shift arrives at the RV.

1:04 PM  Alex and the rest of the afternoon shift pile in the support vehicle to drive to where the morning shift stopped walking.

1:06 PM  The afternoon shift returns to the RV to pick up a forgotten pair of walking shoes.

1:12 PM  Alex drops off the first pair of walkers, drives up three miles, and takes a nap. 

1:42 PM  Alex eats food.

1:56 PM  Alex starts a 3-mile shift.

2:38 PM  Alex finishes 3 miles.

2:55 PM  Alex wanders into a state park on the side of the road and appreciates the view of the mountains.

3:03 PM  Alex eats food.

3:12 PM  Alex looks at Google Maps and tries to figure out the route, campsites, and Masses for the next few weeks.

3:49 PM  Alex starts 3 miles.

3:51 PM  Alex has a deep insight about the relationship between the size and inherent value of a human fetus vs. the cosmos.  

3:54 PM  Alex prays the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary.

4:22 PM  Alex spots a horned lizard on the side of the road and chases it.  

4:23 PM  It’s not a horned lizard, and it gets away.  

4:28 PM  Alex finishes 3 miles and drives to get gas in the support vehicle.  

5:21 PM  Alex starts 3 miles.  

5:23 PM  Alex sees a lizard, but he doesn’t know what kind it is.  

5:34 PM  Alex sees a yellow bird and wonders aloud whether it is an oriole.  Conclusion: he’s not sure what an oriole is, but the bird was pretty.  

5:38 PM  Alex sees Utah in the distance and gets excited.  He then wonders why he’s excited, since it looks exactly the same as Nevada.  

5:42 PM  Alex looks at the mountains in the distance and wonders what it would be like to sled down them.  

6:01 PM  Alex sees a jackrabbit and yells “Hello, jackrabbit!”  The jackrabbit does not reply.  

6:08 PM  Alex finishes 3 miles.  

6:10 PM  Alex sings along to “Boat Song” by JJ Heller, the unofficial song of the Central Walk.

6:13 PM  Alex sees cows on the side of the road and claims them.  

6:14 PM  The afternoon shift starts relay running 1/2 miles.  Alex goes first.

6:34 PM  Alex runs 1/2 mile. 

6:51 PM  Alex runs 1/2 mile.

7:09 PM  Alex runs 1/2 mile.

7:23 PM  Alex is “superduper glad” to be out of Nevada.

7:31 PM  Alex runs 1/2 mile.

7:37 PM  Alex talks to his mom on the phone.

7:48 PM  Alex runs 1/2 mile.

8:00 PM  Alex drives back to the campsite in Nevada.

8:04 PM  Alex cleans up the support vehicle. 

8:09 PM  Alex runs from the Border RV Park in Nevada to the Border Inn Motel in Utah.

8:21 PM  Alex prays Compline.

8:28 PM  Alex eats hot dogs and mac n’ cheese for dinner.

9:31 PM  Alex goes to bed.  


Lauren Mach, Central Walk (with permission of Alex Wilson)

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  1. Fr. Dwight Hoeberechts, OMI permalink
    June 20, 2014 8:53 am

    Thanks for giving us minute by minute schedule of Alex’s day…….We now have a better idea what the life of a Crossroads Pro-Life Walker is like…..I am glad all of you are Witnesses for Life this summer!

  2. Karen permalink
    June 24, 2014 1:03 am

    But the boat song was the Northern Walk ’13 song. I’m glad that Alex hasn’t changed! 🙂

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