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Living, Love, and Loving Life

July 9, 2014

Hello, my name is Ryan Chestine from Monroe, WA, and here is my first Crossroads blog post. I joined Crossroads officially on Saturday July 5th. I joined to pray for the end of abortion and a for a culture of life. I also wanted to do it to honor our Lady, Mother Mary and Jesus Christ. Having wanted to walk for years, it finally worked out. So on my flight to Nebraska, I ended up sitting next to a Carmelite priest who was able to drop me off at a local parish for Mass. God is good. The priest was a missionary priest who was visiting, so the missionary sermon was a great kick start for a summer of pro-life mission work.

After Mass some crossroaders picked me up and drove me to a nearby convent where I met the rest of the team… that night I was able to pray compline (night prayer) with the sisters and watch one of our teammates give another teammate a haircut for the first time in her life! I was taken to the basement and told that I would be sleeping in the cupboard under the stairs…(not really)

The next day I woke up at 5:00 am and was assigned to present and attend Mass at the local Cathedral. Lauren did most of the talking while I got a feel for how it would go, and then I gave the last talk at the last Mass of the night. (6pm) All and all, it went well.

Then Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we started early and I was assigned morning shift for the week. Walking, running, and praying…very intense! Day after day, and Subway and Subway! Things getting lost and locked, people tired, and the offering up of all suffering became very real this week. All for the babies   =)

Today we drove out to Topeka and met with the Governor’s staff in the Capital Building. Very blessed. We even swam a bit and what stands out most this whole week, is being able to read and pray all of the prayer requests: for sons, daughters, prisoners, the sick, all for Jesus.

-Ryan Chestine
2014 Central Walk

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