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God Bless the USA – The Northern Walk and the Liberty Bell

August 8, 2014

This, our second to last weekend, the Northern Walk has had the pleasure of spending time in Philadelphia. We got to spend some time in the city doing touristy things like having a Philly cheese steak and seeing the Liberty Bell.

NW14 Liberty Bell

The Liberty Bell struck me more than I thought it would. There was a woman standing next to the bell when we got through the line and she asked us if we had any questions. Looking for some insight I asked her what most people don’t know about the Liberty Bell. You know, what would I not find in my history book?
Her answer changed the way I will forever see myself as an American.

She said that where freedom is a thing so abstract, the Liberty Bell is tangible. It is a symbol of freedom for not only Americans but for people all over the world. It has provided the inspiration for women’s suffrage! And so much more! She said it is a symbol of freedom

“Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof.” So I looked at the bell and looked down at my shirt. I’m so proud that we stand for freedom of all people. And it made me reflect on the role and responsibility that I have as an American to protect the unborn, this next group of oppressed people.

Here we are, proclaiming liberty throughout the land, spreading the truth of the humanity of the unborn! I am proud to be an American. I am proud to say that I have walked across America proclaiming liberty for the unborn and fighting for what’s right.

Pro-Life, Pro-Liberty, Pro-Pursuit of Happiness

Sarah Seski
Northern Walk

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