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Meet the Northern Walk

August 11, 2014

Better late than never…

The Question: “What is your favorite quote/comment that anyone has made about your neon t-shirt?”

The Answers:

Eric Zlatos, Walk Leader

Eric Zlatos

Favorite Quote: “You guys wear those?” (pointing in disbelief)

This particular person was shocked that we were actually walking across the country. It was shocking to him to see the shirt because it was a symbol of who we are this summer and what we stand for as individuals. He could see how we were unified in this concrete representation of the Body of Christ coming together. I have another favorite quote! After Mass an older man came up to me, looked me in the eye and said, “It takes a real man to wear that shirt.”

Erin Herschelman

Erin Herschelman

Favorite Quote: I don’t have one…

Honestly it’s just the enthusiastic generic honk-and-wave that is my favorite because it pushed me to keep walking when I most want to stop.

Caleb Courville

Caleb Courville

Favorite Quote: “What’s pro-life?”

A 16-year-old boy in South Dakota asked me what pro-life means. After I explain it, he said he was pro-life too and asked for a t-shirt for himself.

Sarah Seski

Sarah Seski

Favorite Quote: “So are you guys pro’s at life?”

I’d like to think we are! We were treated to ice cream in Montana (did you know Huckleberry ice cream is a thing?) and a group of teenage boys liked our shirts.

Tara Ingebritsen

Tara Ingebritsen

Favorite Comment: “Thank you for what you’re doing.”

It makes me feel like people are noticing and that we are making a difference and we are able to be the physical witness that maybe others can’t be and they appreciate that. And I am blessed to do that.

Alex Shurtliff

Alex Shurtliff

Favorite Quote: I also don’t have a memorable moment about my shirt!

(Alex did not enjoy this interview question…) I wear it because I have to and I’ve accepted that I have to. I don’t look good in yellow.

Heather Waldof

Heather Waldorf

Favorite Quote: “So you think America is pro-life?”

On the first few days of our trip in Seattle a woman approached me in a grocery store and said, ‘So you think America is Pro-life huh? I responded a little confused saying ,’ I don’t really know about America but I sure am Pro Life’. I expected her to respond with some snarky comment about how ignorant I was but she surprised me by telling me to have some conviction about being Pro Life because America is Pro Life indeed! Later that night I was very humbled when I realized that I was wearing a shirt that says ‘America is Pro Life’ on the back. What a champ. As I’ve walked across the country, I have experienced first hand that America is indeed Pro Life and it’s fine time to own up to that truth.

Alex Rueff

Alex Rueff











Favorite Quote: “Your shirt is so new!”

I am new to the Northern walk so unlike the others, my shirt is clean! I did one week of the Southern walk and I got moved up here.  I feel really welcomed on the Northern walk and even though it’s hard to be new, it’s been an incredible experience.


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