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Nick nack patty wack give a dog a bone!!!

May 30, 2015


Original by Matthew.

Nick nack patty wack give a dog a bone!!!

Let me introduce myself! I am Fernando Maria De Navascues, the Spaniard of the best trip in America, I mean, the Southern Walk, obviously. I am here in the US learning English and as I met Crossroad in Spain and I could not join them, I am making it here.

Because of all the emotions that our adventure is arousing among the people that we encounter, I decided to try to satisfy them with my simple experiences.

I cannot summarize what has happened during the last week because there is no pages to gather it, however I may compile short accounts while I catch you up.

Actually, today, I would like to mention that we have just arrived to the first of our host family houses. The owner is a really sweet woman from Colombia, Vivian, who already has experience with Crossroads. We are in San Bernardino, after having crossed the scorching but beautiful Californian desert of Joshua Tree.

I have been taking part in the morning swift this week with amazing folks such as Matthew, Grace, Ann, Brianna, Cole (Leader), and my Taylor, the head of the Southern expedition. The swift of this morning was to get up at 4:30AM to be at our beginning point at 5:05AM. Albeit this day my group and I covered less miles than the normal, only 8, it has been highly intense. We walked in the middle of nowhere, under temperatures over 85ºF with moments of 90ºF, drinking warm water because of the whether… But in each walk, we prayed our Holy Rosary, we ambled supporting each other, we sang, we laughed, we had a goal, a common goal, which is to fulfill the will of God and to witness of the sanity and dignity of the precious human life on Earth.

Photo on 5-29-15 at 11.43 PM

The Practice of the Love of Jesus Christ- St. Alphonsus de Liguori.

Personally, my best moment of the day has been a great conversation that I had with Vivian about God, His Love and the Joy of Suffering (even thought it sound utterly opposite). But all of this comes from my meditation of this morning, which has been and is going to be key on my life. Do you wander which is it? Here it is. God bless you.

Other noteworthy points that I have not mentioned:

  • We have a new counterpart!!! She is called Amanda, and we have just pick her up this afternoon.
  • Birthday of the boss, of Cole. He turned 53! Just kidding, he is now 23!
  • My first shower with shampoo and decent water after a week.
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