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Saturday, the Battle and new adventure to Las Vegas.

June 1, 2015

“Legal” name of the Evil on Earth

(I am sorry for posting it late, I did not have Wifi)

After “sleeping in” and getting up around 7:30, we had a marvelous breakfast cooked by Vivian. Then, as we perform every Saturday morning, we headed to an abortion clinic to pray for an hour. I did not time it today but I guess it was longer.

At first, we split up in two groups, but unfortunately, we forgot Will at home, the spectacular Canadian photographer along with Matthew. Albeit the fact, my group, which was the smallest, reached the diabolic establishment and started praying. It was quite interesting. In front of the building there was an agent, who warned us that the sprinklers would turn on soon. Interesting. And as he mentioned, in the middle of the Rosary they watered the surrounding lawn areas, but we did not stop that battle and we kept praying. Furthermore, it was not the only time, when we were the whole group (around 30min later) they came up again, but our commitment was stronger and more loyal. In terms of the people in our vicinity, many potential mothers who got in or out saw us or they ignored us. We were egged in both vehicles and a guy showed to us his “beautiful” middle finger. But what is the most remarkable is the commentary of a male adult who told us “Thank you” while he was leaving the parking lot of Plan Parenthood. “What?” I asked Al and she did too. None either of us believed that, but that is the truth.


Walkers praying kneeling

From there, Grace and I were called, along with Marta who drove, because of our long trip. We are now in Las Vegas, where there is a parish which collaborates with us and some friends are hosting us tonight. We are in the parish of St. Francis of Asisi and we spoke in the two vigil Masses before the celebration started.

We have not visited downtown yet, but probably tomorrow, during our long break we may go around and sightsee.


Las Vegas

Other noteworthy facts that I have not mentioned:

  • Part of our prayers at the abortion center were chants, which I think is a appealing strategy to call to the attention of the future mothers. We chanted “Salve Regina”

Fernando Maria.

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