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At 96º degrees, at the desert and with only warm water.

June 2, 2015

Warm and long day, but ready to hit the sack. The weather did not have mercy on us this morning. Albeit we walked only 4 hours and a half, it was tough. Under 96º degrees plus warm wind, we decided that the most safety strategy to cover miles was to go two miles by two miles.

We woke up around 6:30am to show up at 7:30am at the Carmelite monastery of San Bernardino for laudes. Later, we had the Holy Mass, and it was by far my high of the day. It was a quite beautiful Mass full of reverence and devotion, which helped me to approach God easier, and hence, feeling rested, being happy, being fulfilled.

Immediately after it, we took off straight to “Butterfingers Mountains” which is a spot in the middle of nowhere but close to Twenty-nine Palms. We lasted in fact, two hours to arrive to this point. The time was not a big problem at all, due to the long time that I had to pray after such Mass. Eventually, we reached the place and I started walking with my new team. Today we were in total six: Cole the leader, An, Amanda, Will, Cate and me.

a long straight desert road disappears into the distance

Landscaper between Twenty nine Palms and Parker.

As I mentioned before, each shift covered just two miles each time. Indeed, after ambling in the midst of the desert for some minutes, our fresh water bottles turned warm and undrinkable. Along our trip, we encountered many things. A big handful of kindness cars used to pull over and offered us help but we refused it telling them our mission. Also, at the end of our turn, we found a car whose tyre was flat. We offered them help but they said they were just waiting for the tow truck.

It was three 3:00PM and we were waiting for the afternoon swift, but for a miscommunication they were still an hour far from us. Thus, Cole encouraged us to cover only half a mile per group to crown the day. We almost run out of water, and that is the chief reason why we spent the last our in the car recovering from the burn out. In total we did 13 miles under those hard conditions.

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 1.02.59 AM

Parker AZ, in the middle of nowhere.

Our target is to fulfill 50 a day with both shifts, because Phoenix is 250 miles from where we were and we have 5 days. Tomorrow it is going to be different in that we do not drive two hour to start our trip.

Upon ending, we headed to Parker in Arizona, in where the priest of the Sacred Heart is lending us the parish where we are sleeping. Also here, we have had a small celebration for the birthday of Grace, who turns 21 and becomes a new driver for the trip.

This has been pretty much today. A hot day in the morning but a “warm” embracement of Fr. Richard, the only priest in this vicinity. God blesses the day of tomorrow, the people who pray for us and us ourselves in order to complete His will with the most juicy fruits that He desires.

In addition, today…

  • Al leaves us to attend an essential interview for his future job.
  • Amanda walked her first miles and she likes

Fernando Maria

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  1. Becky permalink
    June 2, 2015 9:32 am

    I am very much enjoying these blogs. Please continue to share as you are able.

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